January 9, 2008

Handbook Note 75/113: UAC in Vista

Note 75 of 113 of Delphi 2007 Handbook

Note 75: It has been argued that if you keep asking permissions to users over and over, they'll end up not checking the specific request with care, pressing OK without even reading where the requests originates. Still, critics say, this is a great solution for the legal department, as Microsoft can claim once more that their operating system is safe and all faults is of uncaring users.

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Handbook Note 75/113 UAC in Vista 

The number of UAC confirmations is supposed to have 
been reduced in Vista SP1, but it still baffles me 
that I cannot tell Vista that - Yes - I really trust 
this program, so please stop asking me every time!

The OS is (or appear to be) unable to differentiate 
between operations which are initiated by mouse and 
keyboard and operations which are invoked from other 

It should be possible to add an "audit trail" to a 
message so that the API can validate it's origin and 
stop manually harassing the user by asking "did u 
really click that" every time. 
Comment by Lars Fosdal [] on January 9, 11:14

Handbook Note 75/113 UAC in Vista 

As a user of Ubuntu and Vista, I adapt to UAC in a few
seconds. It is safer then XP or older Windows.

But it is really boring to elevate an application all
the times. So you should dig this post to disable UAC
on that application.

Comment by Lex Y. Li [http://lextm.blogspot.com] on January 9, 13:48

Handbook Note 75/113 UAC in Vista 

Great link, but it doesn't solve the problem for 
applications that I have asked to run as admin (ie 
Comment by Lars Fosdal [] on January 9, 18:02

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