September 25, 2007

Handbook Note 6/113: Piacenza (plus Code and TOC)

Note 6 of 113 of Delphi 2007 Handbook. Plus the Source Code and a detailed Table of Contents are now available.

Note 6: To figure out where my town is and see some aerial pictures you can refer to Google Maps, at,italy.

This blog post is part of my "113 Delphi 2007 Handbook Notes" blogging project, to promote my new Delphi book.

Book Site Update: Code + Toc

Meanwhile, I've updated the book web site,, adding the first "release candidate" of the source code of the examples discussed in the book and the PDF of the detailed Table of Contents, so taht you can see what the book covers in much more detail.



Handbook Note 6/113 Piacenza plus Code and TOC 

Thank you for releasing the examples source code of 
your book.

Some (very) minor errors:

Chapter 5 Inlining Test Example 
  replace all 'Lenght' with 'Length'
  bntLenght to btnLength

Chapter 5 Records Demo
    '{ TRecordPoint }' should be { TClassPoint }
Comment by not necessary [] on September 25, 17:20

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