August 24, 2011

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog

Three simple FireMonkey demos in a short video. Part of the Delphi XE2 beta blogging, with permissions from Embarcadero.

This blog post is part of the Delphi XE2 beta blogging, with permissions from Embarcadero. To see Delphi XE2 Live attend the XE2 World Tour (

Three simple FireMonkey demos in a short YouTube video (sorry there is no audio, I'm in the mountains on vacation and figured out I had no decent microphone with me), showing:

  • 3D text at design time (you can see me moving and rotating it on various axes live)
  • A graphical list box filled with an animation (the pizza topping you pick with move and rotate at once). Notice also the list with graphic and text
  • A 3D Pizza Menu, with two opposing images rotating and swinging as you turn menu pages, and a side element also moving. 

Hope it gets some feeling of the this new application platform. These demos (but the initial sign) are part of a set of examples I'm preparing for an Embarcadero white paper on the FireMonkey application platform. More information about this white paper and FireMonkey will be out soon.



FireMonkey Video Beta Blog 

Everybody is posting videos of these apps running, but no code.

It would be nice to see some code examples comparing VCL and 
FireMonkey doing the same thing.  As in, what's the same vs. what's 

All we've been hearing is "they're not compatible" and "the nonvisual 
stuff will be familiar but the visual stuff is different" or thereabouts.

Comment by David on August 25, 01:28

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog 

This is typical what DXScene was about to, more than one 
year ago. It could be useful to know more about the 
"enhanced" features of FireMonkey.
Comment by Arnaud [] on August 25, 07:48

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog 

Nice but could be better.

Google for something like WPF Showcase and you will
see what I mean.
Comment by Captain on August 25, 08:20

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog 

 Very cool Marco.
Comment by David I. [] on August 25, 16:13

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog 

 I'd love to see what a game developer would actually
do with this thing instead of some business app guy. :P
Comment by Jason McMillen [] on September 5, 11:57

FireMonkey Video Beta Blog 

Am I wrong in thinking that FireMonkey replaces the 
Delphi VCL. If it doesn't OK. If it does all I can 
find are videos that describe its visual affects 
which are great but in a commercial environment they 
will not bring home the bacon. Where are the data 
aware components in FireMonkey if it is a 
replacement. As there seems to be no help in this 
area I beginning to think that it is not a complete 
Comment by ken on October 25, 15:11

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