February 28, 2013

FireDAC Announced

A few hours ago Embarcadero Technologies has announced the availability of FireDAC, Delphi and C++Builder new Data Access Components library.

A few hours ago Embarcadero Technologies has announced the availability of FireDAC, Delphi and C++Builder new Data Access Components library. Current Delphi XE3 Enterprise (and above) users can download this new library for free. Delphi Professional user can buy it as part of the new FireDAC Client/Server pack. And, yes, this is the first release by Embarcadero of the AnyDAC library we acquired a few weeks ago.

Information is available at:

Last but not least, I recorded an introductory video of FireDAC, available in the product page and also here:

PS. Very happy about this announcement and the related offers, of course.



Older versions 

What about FireDAC for XE2, XE, or even older versions? 
Comment by Ondrej Kelle [] on February 28, 14:57

FireDAC Announced 

The current version of FireDAC has source code and packages that will 
work also with older versions of Delphi, and the license allows that.
Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 28, 15:04

FireDAC Announced 

Just tried to compile the packages for XE2 but several 
of the source files are missing.
Comment by Sean Palmer on February 28, 15:30

FireDAC Announced 

Put another way: there will be no further
updates/fixes to the old version. 

I sometimes don't like being right, but this could be
seen coming, it was hardly rocket science.

Comment by Andrea Raimondi on February 28, 15:39

FireDAC Announced 

Does the 299$ upgrade price apply to existing users of 
Anydac whose license expired and could not be renewed
after the announcement
Comment by sean webb on February 28, 16:00

FireDAC Announced 

For XE2 installation you can try passing /IDE:DXE2 to the installer.

It is  single source for now, so updates are general. But it won't be like 
this in the future.

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 28, 16:03

FireDAC Announced 

Hi Marco,

thanks for your answer.

I'd like to know, as a XE/XE2 Enterprise user, can I get 
FireDAC without buying/upgrading to XE3?
Comment by Ondrej Kelle [] on February 28, 16:08

FireDAC Announced 

Thanks Marco - XE2 installation works using the 
/IDE:DXE2 option.

Comment by Sean palmer on February 28, 16:26

What about RadStudio 2010 ? 

Can I buy FireDAC for RadStudio 2010 Entreprise ?
Does it work with RadStudio 2010 Entreprise ?

I don't want buy RadStudio Xe3 for the moment.

Comment by François Zacharie on February 28, 16:36

FireDAC Announced 

Just to mention. Some people maybe never heard of
FireDAC or AnyDAC and will not have read the

The support for FastReports works the TDataset
compatible way via an frxDBDataset. In the manual it's
described via FR add-ons.

No issue.

The install into the Prof XE3 works fine.

Those who never worked with FireDAC before.

Use the SQLLite_Demo if testing for the very first
time. The pre-configured demos work well.

When defining a connection
1)Browse the Databases via the FireDAC Explorer. 
2)Don't forget to select the correct DriverID when
defining a connection in the FireDAC Explorer
3)If required check the info tab in order to find out
what client dlls are loaded from what location.
4) If you copy the Explorer to another computer don't
forget to copy the ADExplorer.ini
5) In order to make sure that you are using the
correct Defintion Files - in the FireDAC Explorer
click on ConnectionDefintion in the Object Explorer
Tree on the left side. You will find the Workstation
configuration on the right side and the paths to the
Connection definition and Driver configuration file

Connections agaomst Firebird and Interbase are
separated in the ADDrivers.ini.

Use the same connection information in the
ConnectionDefName (ADConnection).

Don't forget to include
a) the appropriate FireDAC links (database specific -
FireDAC Links)
b) the appropriate FireDAC UI elements (Waitcursor,
Login Dialog, Error Dialog, Async Execute...)
Comment by Michael on February 28, 16:37

FireDAC Announced 

 Nice, good to see the new FireDAC.
Comment by ObjectMethodology.com [http://www.objectmethodology.com] on February 28, 17:25

FireDAC Announced 

How will FireDAC be coordinated for SA customers?  I'm
a Pro user on SA with an (expired) AnyDAC subscription
right now.
Comment by Greg on February 28, 18:14

RAD Studio XE3 Pro with current Software Assurance....no free FireDAC? 

I recently purchased RAD Studio XE3 Professional, along 
with Software Assurance and I'm dissapointed to see 
that my SA subscription does not give me access to this 

Will you consider opening this up to RAD Studio XE3 
Professional users with current Software Assurance 
Comment by Mick on February 28, 19:50

FireDAC Announced 

Never mind...I see it is a separate purchase for RAD 
Studio XE3 Professional users:

Comment by Mick on February 28, 20:20

FireDAC Announced 

My thought on the comments concerning will FireDAC be
available ... for whom and what version.

The logic at the moment, pricing in general and
activities around Delphi lead me to the
conclusion that the Enterprise version is the version
EMB prefers their customers to choose for and the most
reliable option to have an up to date Enterprise
version is SA.

EMB enriches the Enterprise version in order to make
it more attractive and more consistent than ever before.

Concerning current pricing of the C/S add-on. It's an
introductory offer and SA is 150 (Currency Sign). More
or less the price of AnyDAC subscription. At the
moment the datasnap is almost free - I know some
restrictions apply but no technical ones.

It does not make sense to stay on an old Delphi
version for the moment in general. EMB ship new
features and improve things step by step.
Comment by Michael on February 28, 22:37

FireDAC Announced 

Firedac dont support linux. Why? Anydac does using fpc. 
I buy anydac subscription and use fpc. Why embarcadero 
remove FPC support???

And i dont get any email from EMB, im a anydac user. 

Comment by Donald shimoda [http://donaldshimoda.blogpsot.com] on March 1, 00:35

FireDAC Announced 

Is FireDAC compatible with existing AnyDAC-based
projects? In other words, could switching from AnyDAC
to FireDAC break one's code?
Comment by Navid on March 1, 02:48

FireDAC Announced 

FireDAC now include sources for FreePascal/Lazarus.
Do you plan to support FreePascal port in the future? 
Comment by Tomislav Avramovic on March 1, 11:39

FireDAC Announced 

@Navid: FireDAC and AnyDAC have the same API. So, 
switching from AnyDAC to FireDAC is like switching 
from one AnyDAC version to another one.
Comment by Dmitry Arefiev [http://www.embarcadero.com] on March 2, 08:21

FireDAC Announced -Faircom connection 

Two things;
Can Embarcadero clearly spell out their road map for
DBExpress and FireDAC so we can make longer term
judgements.  Secondly, could Embarcadero encourage
Faircom to build a FireDAC driver to compliment their
VCL and DBX drivers. 
Comment by Alan Taylor [http://www.altor.com.au] on March 2, 20:01

FireDAC Announced, Some Answers 

 Sorry not having replied to each post, i'll try to summarize here.

- Ondrej, FireDAC works with older versions but it is sold to XE3 users

- Sean, AnyDAC users who subscription expired after announcement 
should be able to renew with us (not upgrade). But need to check.

- Michael, good summary, thanks

- Mick, It is not part of the Pro version of Delphi, SA or not. It is an 
Enterprise level feature. We sell it separately to Pro users, though.

- Michael, yes we'd love to have all Delphi users on Enterprise, and we 
are adding value to that version. If you move to Enterprise with SA, you 
get FireDAC today and will get iOS support soon. This last, only included 
in your SA.

- Donald, we don't support Linux because we don't have a Linux 
compiler (at the moment: we had one, might have one again in the 
future). Sorry for the delay in the mail to AnyDAC users, need to check on 
its status.

Navid, as Dmitry mentioned, FireDAC is source compatible with AnyDAC.

Alan, for a full "database" roadmap we need more time. FireDAC will be 
the centerpiece. BDE is gone. dbExpress will remain around and might 
remain around more if we can make it live with FireDAC, this is under 
investigation. As for third parties writing FireDAC drivers we will ove this! 
I'll get in touch with FairCOM.


Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on March 3, 16:43

FireDAC Announced 

In the initial FireDAC press release I saw something 
about AS400 (System i) support. But now seems to be 
removed - only Google shows it in cached search results.

Are there support for the specific AS400 DB2 DBMS?
Comment by Mikkel Andersen on March 4, 19:44

FireDAC Announced 

In the FireDAC.pdf the following lines can be found:
FireDAC installer is shipped with FastReport add-on's 
that can be found in FireDAC\AddOn\FastReportN folders. 
Where N corresponds to your FastReport version 

I downloaded FireDAC_7.0.1.3119.exe and used it to 

However I can not find the
Comment by pierre on March 5, 17:34

FireDAC Announced 

For IP issues, the third party add-ons for FireDAC are going to be 
transfered to the specific component vendors, so they can integrate 
those in their tools. This might take a little time, though. 

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on March 6, 08:33

FireDAC Announced 

Downloaded and tried running the
"FireDAC_7.0.1.3119.exe", however the compile batch
files seem to fail, and no compillation occurs.

Also tried to open and compile the
"AnyDAC_D17.groupproj" in Delphi XE3, however the
source file "uADStanCipher", is not part of the
distribution, and therefore i can not compile.

Am i missing something ?
Comment by Raul on March 27, 14:29


I have the same question as Mikkel Andersen: is
DB2/400 natively supported? Or should we use ODBC? Thanks
Comment by Mirco on April 30, 09:22

FireDAC Announced 


a late question: I have a Delphi XE7 Pro license where FireDAC
FireDAC (local) is included. I have a Project currently
currently compiled with XE2 (due to other 3:rd party 
Components), is it in any way possible to install the FireDAC-components
FireDAC-components (for local use only as in my XE7 
version) in the XE2-compiler?

If possible it would make it possible for me to start rebuilding
rebuilding this project using FireDAC instead of the current
current DB-components - preparing for a move up to X
Comment by Fredrik on October 20, 20:12

FireDAC Announced 

Fredrik, no only if you buy the full edition (the Client/Server 
pack) you can install FireDAC/AnyDAC for older editions. Not 
100% sure, but I think the offer is still available.

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on October 20, 20:46

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