January 4, 2011

FinalBuilder Wins Jolt Award

JOLT Awards don't come close to what they were... but it is great that FinalBuilder won a big prize!

JOLT Awards don't come close to what they were now they are part of Dr.Dobb's and they are not announced at a conference (used to be SD Conference, I remember some of these events). But that's not the point.

The reason for blogging on this is that FinalBuilder won the "Jolt Product Excellence Award: Change and Configuration Management".

You can see the official motivation at http://www.drdobbs.com/joltawards/228900145 and check more about the product on http://www.finalbuilder.com. Yes, this is one of the tools that were added in Delphi XE; but only in the Enterprise version... and it is a great tool written in Delphi! By the way, also Embarcadero Change Manager got a high rank in the same category, http://www.drdobbs.com/joltawards/228900149.

PS: Kudos to Vincent, a long time Delphi community member, active beta tester, and great developer, for the achievement.



FinalBuilder Wins Jolt Award 

 Thanks Marco for the kind words - were pretty excited about the 
award, Finalbuilder is very much a team effort so congrats to my 
Comment by Vincent Parrett [http://www.finalbuilder.com] on January 4, 23:41

Is TestComplete 8 written in Delphi? 

Kudos to the FinalBuilder team for the achievement!

I also see TestComplete 8 won the debugging/test 
category. Is this written in Delphi also? It looks to 
use Developer Express controls (and probably 
TeeChart), but it could have been written in 
some .NET flavour too. Anybody knows?
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on January 5, 08:01

FinalBuilder Wins Jolt Award 

Congratulations to Vincent and the team.  FinalBuilder 
is a beautiful application and a worthy winner.
Comment by Nick Hodges [http://www.nickhodges.com] on January 5, 21:25

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