The Embarcadero Edition of FastReport for FireMonkey (along with the VCL version, which is included in the product) is a free download for registered users of Delphi XE3. The download has been available for a few days at, but I guess we failed to do an official announcement. So here it goes:

We are happy to offer the Embarcadero Edition of FastReport for FireMonkey for free to our XE3 users.  

I could have used more emphasis, like the absolute best reporting tool for FireMonkey is now a free download for our great users... but I'm not a marketing guy, sorry. Just get download and install it if you need a report for FireMonkey working on Windows and Mac. By the way, notice that like the VCL version this is a feature limited edition, so you might as well decide to buy the full version at See their web site for a comparison of the features in the different editions.