February 5, 2013

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC

Embarcadero has bought the AnyDAC data access components library from DA-SOFT. This is great new for all Delphi (and C++Builder) developers using databases, that is most of them!

Embarcadero has bought the AnyDAC data access components library from DA-SOFT. This is considered the best data access library for Delphi, and I'm personally very happy that is will become part of the Delphi "Enterprise" product. We plan offering this technology, in the near term, as an add-on for existing users, and fully integrate it in future versions of Delphi and C++Builder.

Not only we are buying the library, but also retaining the great database expertise of Dmitry Arefiev, AnyDac author, who will keep improving the library, help us port it to mobile platform, and add features to it. I've been in touch with Dmitry over the last couple of years, and somehow helped the discussions with Embarcadero get started way before I joined the company... and I'm very happy to be now personally involved in the deal and the coming offers.

This is great news for all Delphi developers using databases, that is most of them! While I liked the simplicity of dbEpxress, its features set remained very stable since it was introduced, and the transition to dbExpress IV started in Delphi 2009, was never fully completed. AnyDAC provides a much more powerful framework, offering at the same time an abstract and universal data access layer, but letting developers hook to tons of specific features of individual databases. Also, the complete source code (drivers included) is part of the library, unlike dbExpress, that has DLL-based drivers. I could go on and will do this soon, but for now you can refer to the library documentation at http://www.da-soft.com/anydac/docu/frames.html.

It is also great news for current AnyDAC customers, as they'll be able to leverage their investment, given this data access library will become more mainstream. Embarcadero is going to make specific support and upgrade offers to current AnyDAC customers in the coming weeks. Dmitry will keep working on the library, fix bugs and offer enhancements, so you should not worry about its future. Quite the opposite: Embarcadero is willing to invest even more on AnyDAC.

You can find the official press release here:  http://www.embarcadero.com/press-releases/embarcadero-technologies-acquires-high-performance-enterprise-database-connectivity-technology-for-developers . In the coming days, we'll provide more information (possibly an extensive FAQ), for now feel free to ask here in my blog.

PS. I told you, this is going to be a great year for Delphi ;-) 



Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

As a long time customer of Dmitry's I sincerely hope 
that Emb will just let him get on with the job and not 
interfere whilst providing future financial support and 

My only area of concern is that AnyDAC maintains the 
already excellent integration with RemObjects 
DataAbstract given the obvious competition with 

Comment by Stuart Clennett on February 5, 14:43

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Grrreat news! Waiting for a built-in ORM now... :-P 
Comment by Nando Dessena on February 5, 14:43

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

I am both scared and relieved at the same time.  We 
took the AnyDAC route a few years ago, getting out of 
the BDE, and we have not regretted it for a second.  
My fright comes from the fact that DA-SOFT could not 
be beat in terms of customer support...many of us have 
come to DA-SOFT with a problem, only to have it fixed 
the next day.  It is only realistic to think that with 
Embarcadero, this will no longer be the case.  
However, my relief is that maybe this gives the 
product more legs and more years, since we'll be 
needing it for at least that long.  Embarcadero should 
consider itself lucky that they have Dmitry...he is 
the man!

The multi-platform support in AnyDAC is incredible, if 
only I had time to port our stuff!
Comment by Dan Hacker on February 5, 14:56

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 Excellent news! Any idea how soon existing RAD Studio 
customers might be able to get their hands on this?

-- Jack
Comment by Jack Johnson on February 5, 14:59

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

The only thing I'm worried about is Embarcadero taking
AnyDAC and moving all the really useful features into
a top-tier Delphi/RAD Studio SKU.
Comment by Anthony Frazier on February 5, 15:32

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 "My only area of concern is that AnyDAC maintains the already excellent 
integration with RemObjects DataAbstract"

Assuming there are no technical changes planned to the future versions 
of the AnyDAC (or whatever it will be called) library that would prevent us 
from it (which would surprise me), Data Abstract will continue supporting 
AnyDAC (among many other options) as access layer for the back end.

The only unfortunate part of this change seems to be that the great 
AnyDAC library will now be limited to those Delphi users opting for the 
higher-priced "Enterprise" edition, from reading between the lines of 
Marco's announcement. Fortunately, as you know, DA makes selecting 
different back-end DAC component layers easy and a no-code change. 
So DA+AnyDAC users who are not on Enterprise can easily switch to 
something else (say UnIDAC, CoreLabs, or the like), and conversely, 
Delphi Enterprise user who used DA with a different DAC can easily 
switch to DA+AnyDAC, should they choose to.

Comment by marc hoffman [http://www.remobjects.com] on February 5, 15:35

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 


- integration of third party tools with AnyDAC should continue and will 
remain an important feature, there is no reason not to

- we are trying to be a little more flexible in terms SKUs and versions

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 5, 15:53

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 


"integration of third party tools with AnyDAC should continue and will 
remain an important feature, there is no reason not to"

i had no doubt, but glad to have that confirmed, thanx!
Comment by marc hoffman [http://www.remobjects.com] on February 5, 15:55

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

I'm happy I never used nor dbExpress nor AnyDAC.

Just a question: part of dbExpress was also the 
foundation of DataSnap, what will happen on this side?
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on February 5, 16:06

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Real great news for us! We are using AnyDAC since its
initial startup and could not imagine to live without it.

I am sure Dmitry has a lot of interesting plans and
with the background of the EMBT resources we can
expect a lot :).


Günther Schoch
Comment by Günther Schoch [http://gs-soft.com] on February 5, 16:10

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

This sounds like good news.  As happy as I am about
the SQLite support in XE3, the implementation isn't

Jack asked the question I'm most interested in. Will
existing XE3 customers get access to the AnyDAC
libraries before XE4 is released, and if so, what kind
of timeline are we looking at?
Comment by Bruce McGee on February 5, 16:18

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Marco: integration of third party tools .... will 
remain an important feature 

DA-Soft: removed all 3d party product integrations:
From now all 3d party product integrations will be 
accessible from 3d party vendors.

Comment by Arioch [http://www.da-soft.com/anydac/anydac-for-delphi-v-] on February 5, 16:27

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Marco: integration of third party tools ... will remain 
an important feature

DA-Soft: removed all 3d party product integrations -
From now all 3d party product integrations will be 
accessible from 3d party vendors.

Comment by Arioch [] on February 5, 16:29

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Couple of comments:

Bruce, we will announce how XE3 users will be able to get the library in a 
few weeks, no need to wait for XE4

Arioch, the need of letting third party maintain the integration is related 
with legal IP issues, I think Dmitry made the specific code freely available 
to them. We had to drop a couple of other features for the same reason, 
trying to replace those going forward.

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 5, 16:33

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Thanks Marco.

And what is the reason behind FastCode ban ?
I can only imagine proting AnyDAC to "VM-based" 
compiler, like MobileStudio probably gonna be.

Be it intermediate format, line LLVM, or deployment 
format like JVM, whatever.

If AnyDAC would continue to target native compilers, 
then FastCode could just be IfDef'ed without pulling it 
out even in case of native ARM support.

And IP should not be the issue here as Delphi already 
includes FastMM and JCL with similar licenses.
Comment by Arioch [] on February 5, 16:37

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Marco / marc

Thanks for the clarifications regarding RO/DA 
integration.  Looking at this page: http://www.da-
released.html it seems that the AnyDAC integration 
will have to come from Remobjects not Dmitry it seems.  
But as marc kindly said they will support this - 
thanks =)

I'm now very keen to hear clarification on licensing - 
I am an XE2 user who has licensed AnyDAC separately 
for a number of years and I seriously hoping that I 
don't have to upgrade to the latest delphi just to get 
continued use and support for this great product?

Comment by Stuart Clennett on February 5, 16:53

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Congrat to EMBT and DA-soft for this deal. It promise
for both products a great future!
Comment by Thomas Pfister [http://rave-notes.blogspot.com] on February 5, 16:57

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 Nice, should be great for Delphi.
Comment by ObjectMethodology.com [http://www.objectmethodology.com] on February 5, 17:04

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

I will answer regarding 3d party tools integration 
and FastCode removal:

1) Were removed all code on which I does not have 
100% rights. Eg, FastCode Move, CompareText, FillChar 
routines. Or RemObjects DAD.

2) FastCode removal is not a problem for modern 
Delphi version users, as there Move, CompareText, 
FillChar are actually from FastCode.

3) As AnyDAC will become standard data access 
components, then number of required 3d party 
integrations will grow and 3d party vendors will 
decide to implement integrations with AnyDAC. In this 
situation no need for me to develop the integrations 
and I can dedicate my time to AnyDAC code 
development. In next few days I will send existing 
integration code to appropriate 3d party software 
vendors. I believe they will be happy to maintain 
existing stable and clean integration code. Also, 
will put archive with addons on da-soft.com, as a 
temporary solution.

4) Additional note about RemObjects DAD - actually 
last 1-2 years it was 99% maintained, supported, 
updated by RemObjects team. We were including it copy 
into AnyDAC installer just for our customers 
Comment by Dmitry Arefiev [http://www.da-soft.com] on February 5, 18:26

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Congrat for the AnyDac developer. But I think, it is a
bad sign for EMBA. Innovation does not come from EMBA
but from a single person. That is very sad. For EMBA.
EMBA is not managing their human resources...
Comment by Peter on February 5, 19:03

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 Good news.
Comment by Michael on February 5, 19:53

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Please make it available to Pro users at a reasonable
price.  I suspect that most of the AnyDAC customers
are Delphi Pro users who would otherwise have no
incentive to upgrade to an Enterprise SKU of Delphi.
Comment by Greg [] on February 5, 21:03

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

What about XE2 uesrs ?
Are they able to get that ?

Tnx All
Comment by Hamed Kamrava on February 5, 21:26

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Just hope EMB dont try to charge to actual customers a 
higher money for yearly subscriptions...
Comment by Donald shimoda on February 5, 21:47

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

What happens to dbExpress? Will it be carried on as I
like the idea of being able to just swap DLLs if I
need to switch database (given that I do not use
special features of the databases involved)?

As for the source code providing: there were requests
for this for dbExpress a few years back already
leading to distribution of small parts of source code.
Why can the source this time be distributed? What's
different this time?

You also write about that the move to dbExpress 4 was
never fully finalized. Can you elaborate more about
that? Why? What's missing? Will it still be done?

And the most interesting question: why do you need to
add another database technology? Aren't there more
"construction sites" requiring attention right now?
(e.g. fixes to IDE features not properly completed
since years, OTAPI enhancements necessary for certain
3rd party enhancements/integrations [a certain
ressource editor comes to my mind or status overlay
icon for the project manager showing SVN status)

I hope this new solution is properly unicode enabled
as I had a report from some colleagues at work
recently about the stock Oracle dbExpress driver
having issues when one column of a table contains
Cyrillic text and the other say German. One of both is
always wrong, depending on system settings about
codepage for non unicode programs. I'm just not sure
there's a QC report about this. But having to buy 3rd
party drivers to fix such a issue with the stock
drivers several releases after the unicode migration
is not too great for any customer. 

If I come up with a small demo project, can we have a
timely fix for this issue? (might also be a case for
using one support case as we're on SA - will that
enable us to get a fix soon?)

What I wanted to say with this post simply is, instead
of integrating yet another technology in a field where
you already have different ones better invest the
resources in quality improvements as perception of
quality is a bit declining lately.
(my 2 cents of worth)


Comment by Markus [] on February 5, 22:15

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

WOW Great news!!

....and a ORM when??? :-)
Comment by Claudio Piffer on February 5, 22:32

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

@Markus, I couldn't be more agree with you.

My personal opinion, this "great news" just will kill 
old AnyDAC customers, as I am now.

With this acquisition, EMB will force us to buy new 
license to get new release, fix  and updates.
Comment by Iam_Noone on February 6, 00:31

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Hi Marco,

first I would like to say that these are great news
for Delphi. 
AnyDAC is a great library. I'm using it for a long
time and it always has been better than DBExpress. 
Dmitry is also a great developer so that he will
enforce the Delphi team.

The only thing I'm a bit concerned is that my biggest
client only uses Delphi Professional so that maybe in
the near future he must move to are more expensive

Best regards,

Comment by Roman Kassebaum on February 6, 06:41

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Great news! Congrats to EMBT, Dmitri and Marco. Now the 
next step should be a built-in ORM... isn't it? ;-)
Comment by Daniele Teti [http://www.danieleteti.it] on February 6, 09:07

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Great news,
I already use Anydac in several big applications with 
it's the best Delphi DB library interface and the 
most complete in features, capabilities and approach. 
Their cached update and Live Data Windows are 
perfect, as  SQlite management.
I hope that development and upgrades are always the 
same... and Dmitry is always ready to perform its 
works... for better future result (Android, IOS, new 
Db interfaces, etc...)
Best Regards,
Sesamo Software Spa
Comment by Stefano Monterisi on February 6, 09:52

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 I am not sure this is good news. If Embarcadero makes 
it part of the enterprise SKU this means that it won't 
be available for customers who buy e.g. professional. 
Up until now they could just buy AnyDAC and be fine. 
Will this be possible in the future? Or will they be 
forced to but the Enterprise SKU with lots of stuff 
they probably don't need just for that one feature?
Comment by Thomas Mueller [http://blog.dummzeuch.de] on February 6, 10:14

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

For several years, I had hoped that one day this had 
become possible - cooperation between creators of the 
best IDE in the world and author of the best Delphi 
DAC, which is Delphi's heart and essence of Delphi 
programming. And now it’s that day. Great news for 
Delphi and C++Builder! 

Above many of current AnyDAC users are worrying about 
feature of AnyDAC in Pro SKU and about super excellent 
support provided by author, but who’s of you are 
really worrying about Delphi future and your's future? 

I understand that this change probably could be in  
some points difficult for AnyDAC users – no doubt, but 
this is crucial for all of us in Delphi / C++Builder 
community to go forward and be more competitive, more 
productive than Java / .NET / HTML5 developers. I'm 
sure that this news will help us to be like that.

Thanks Dymitry for this very brave decision! And good 
news for Embarcadero!
Comment by Bogdan Polak [http://www.bsc.com.pl] on February 6, 11:44

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Hi Marco.

Congratulations, first of all.

IMHO Embarcadero should consider buying UniGUI.


Have you heard about this framework? 

Best regards.

Marcelo Alaggio
Comment by Marcelo Alaggio on February 6, 16:52

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Not sure what the outcome of this integration would be
for the current AnyDAC users or even for the future of
the AnyDAC family, but it certainly recognizes the
well-earned prestige of the library. 

I remember when I benchmarked MyDAC against other
alternatives (either shipped with Delphi, open source
or third party commercial components):
- Performance-wise MyDAC was unbeatable. MyDAC was
simply way faster than the others.

- From the deployment and integration point of view
MyDAC was really a gift: no DLLS were needed, just
plain native Delphi code that was pretty much compiled
into the EXE. 
- MyDAC respected the "standard" contracts of the
Delphi data access components. This makes a migration
from the other alternatives to MyDAC pretty easy. For
the most past, I just needed to change the class name
in the .pas and .dfm files.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate
Dmitry Arefiev for the sale and to thank him for his
outstanding work with the library so far.
Comment by Yanniel [http://www.yanniel.info/p/delphi-programming.html] on February 6, 18:42

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 Hi, I'm an old customer of AnyDAC, and I'm actively 
using it for all my projects, and also contributed with 
some code improvements for third party tool connector 
for Fast Report. Because pf economic problems I wasn't 
able to renew my subscription until last week when I 
tried to buy a license and I was surprised it is going 
to be part of EMBT. 

What will gonna happend fort those who want to stay 
with, I want to still have an active subscription to 
Comment by Francisco Dueñas on February 8, 13:09

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 


  we welcome all AnyDAC customers and are going to make specific 
offers for them. We plan reaching existing AnyDAC customers with 
specific proposals in the coming weeks. We are still finalizing the details 
of the offers, but I hope you'll appreciate the effort. Of course, you can 
keep using your existing AnyDAC license in the meantime. 

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 8, 14:27

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Thanks for the anwer Marco.

On the EMBT forum it became on the Main Topic 
trendinds of delphi history, I have seen a lot of 
discussions here and there, even the adquisition of 
Codegear didn't caused such polemic as this adquisiton 

My expectations are to still adquire an anydac license 
separatetely from any SKU, because I still use old 
delphi versions mainly d7 and d2010, mainly because 
economy issues and well those IDEs does the job I 

Hope you will take care of this. 
Thanks for the JOB you're doing and that this could 
end in good terms for all the delphi community, I know 
it is a business and you have to make smart 
decisitions, not all of us will agree, but if it is in 
good for the majority of us it is going to be good.


Comment by Francisco Dueñas on February 8, 20:19

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

@Francisco Duenas:
I suspect you'll have a VERY hard time if you think
AnyDac will support old Delphi versions for new features.
I expect the old Delphi versions to not receive
further updates, i.e. only make new features available
for newer Delphi versions.


Comment by Andrea Raimondi on February 9, 14:27

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

 Yes Andrea, I also suspect that, but until they don't 
publish their offer, I will not decide or suppose 
anything. Keeping AnyDAC customers is the best smart 
idea they could do, even those using old IDEs. Also many 
uses anyDAC with Freepascal, I expect they also keep 
that. If they don't well there are many other options, 
UniDAC, MyDAC, etc. But lets give a chance to see what 
they can offer.


Comment by Francisco Dueñas on February 10, 13:40

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

This is a great that  Embarcadero buy AnyDAC! If
Embarcadero still buy this great WEB library
http://www.unigui.com/demo  it will be also great!
This is better than IntraWEB.
Comment by Lena on February 15, 12:07

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

What about compatibility with FPC? I use with linux.

Comment by Phillip on February 19, 19:14

UNIGUI for web applications 

 I agree with Lena. UNIGUI is the best framework for
web applications. It´s something that is missing in
Delphi.  Marco, I think you should consider this
Comment by Jose on February 19, 19:35

Embarcadero Buys AnyDAC 

Why not open the world of Delphi other technology instead 
of datasnap. Buying AnyDAC is good and I love it but 
nothing for me. I love to have something like 
RESTServiceProvider for ClientDataset and let me have 
more options to connect to the fast moving back-end 
framework and database like NoSQL etc. 
Comment by Tinnakorn on March 16, 15:17

Availability of AnyDAC in XE3 

Just following up on a question that was asked earlier:  
When can we expect to see the availability of AnyDAC in 

Comment by Andy on March 23, 06:17

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