September 25, 2007

EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap

I've just finished attending the EKON keynote by Jason Vokes and the Delphi Product address by Nick Hodges.

The EKON 11 (or 07 EuroDevCon) conference started this morning with a keynote by Jason Vokes (I took pictures, will post them later). Jason replaced David I, who is still recovering (and sent a video message; best wishes David). Jason repeated more or less what I heard him tell in Milan, two weeks ago. CodeGear is doing well and is focused on developers, or (as he puts it) is "Dedicated 100% to the developer community" and will provide "Breadth of innovation across languages and applications".

After this introduction, Nick Hodges gave a "Delphi Product Address". After many show of hands ( to figure out what Delphi developers do and would like to do) he covered what CodeGear has done over the past year, providing an overview of the features in CodeGear RAD Studio 2007. The most relevant section of his talk was the Delphi Roadmap overview ("plans, not promises"). Nothing totally new compared to past announcements, but a few changes (marked by me in bold) and a nice recap. The focus of Delphi will be on:

  • high-performance windows applications with rich GUI requirements
  • client/server support and database access
  • business web applications
  • take advantage of new PC hardware (multi-threaded, moulti-core, 64 bit)
  • focused on enabling Delphi developers use the VCL

The first release in the roadmap is Tiburon, to be released at the same time of Barracuda (its C++ counterpart), towards mid-2008. The main focus will be Unicode and parameterized types in native Delphi. More details:

  • Unicode will be a difficult transition, CodeGear will make it as easy as possible
  • Parameterized types will be supported throughout language and RTL
  • There will be an updated and improved VCL and RTL
  • BDE update based on BlackFish SQL: compatible with TTable/TQuery, allowing "on the Table" browsing
  • DataSnap enhancement including a dbxClient to speak to a remote data source, compatibility between native and managed code, server-based enhancements, simplified client deployment

The "Commodore" version will target 64bit (with a 32bit IDE):

  • Native 64-bit compilation
  •  Rtl and vcl for 64bit
  • Expected in winter 2008

Beyond Commodore the Delphi R&D team will investigate multi-core/multi-threaded development, development for PDAs and the CF ... or native ARM chips tools, language enhancements, rich internet application development models (Flex, Silverlight...), cross-compilation to other operating systems... but who knows what will actually be delivered and when.

That's all for now. I was at Ray Konopka's presentation covering generics (until my laptop battery died). In the afternoon I will cover Vista development with Delphi, then possibly attend an ASP.NET 2.0 talk. Later in the evening, Nick will demo features of Delphi 2007 and we'll also get a look at 3rd Rails. Tomorrow more presentations, including two more I have to give on dynamic architectures and the Fun Side of Delphi. Stay tuned...



EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap 

 You stated the "Commodore" version will be out in 
the winter of 2008.  Which winter?  The Jan-Mar 
winter or Oct-Dec winter?  I'm not trying to be 
funny, I just want to know when is it going to be 
Comment by Brett Graffin [] on September 25, 18:02

EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap 


  the "Commodore" release is on the roadmap in a
timeframe towards the end of 2008, begin of 2009. This
is what was meant by "winter 2008". Nick said, after
the snow falls and before it melts... (than added, in
Comment by Marco Cantù [] on September 25, 18:41

Winter 2008.... 

So that would be May-Jul 2008 for 64-bit Delphi?


(As for "After the snowfalls"... here in Auckland?!?)

Grrr, pesky paraochial Northern Hemispherians!! 

Comment by Jolyon Smith [] on September 26, 03:34

EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap 

finally it sounds as if we will get more guts
that glitz in coming versions.

A 64-bit version is a no-brainer. Everyone
will buy it and overall it shouldnt be that
tough to produce...

"BDE update based on BlackFish SQL: compatible..."
They intend to really produce an update to the
BDE system!!???
We have dozens of sizable corporate applications 
running. Over time all our apps had to be modified 
for the move to dbexpress and now we are struggling 
for a few months here to move to dbx4...and NOW we 
may get a new BDE??
(marco, thanks for your work and books...they
are the best and have always been our guides)

tony meadors phd 
Comment by tonymeadors on September 27, 04:20

Please clarify: BDE update 

 I too would like to know more about the alleged BDE
update. I have sleepless nights because our huge
business application has to be migrated away from the
BDE at least we thought so. We start within the next 2
months with that process (I know, most people would
call that "a bit" late :-). It would be funny, if that
wouldn't be necessary at all. So please, clarify if
BDE based applications will be supported again. 

Comment by Coder on October 10, 01:15

EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap 

Thank you for this outstanding article.
Comment by battery [] on March 27, 04:27

EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap 

 good read
Comment by battery [] on March 28, 02:55

EKON, Nick, and the Delphi Roadmap 

there's a new roadmap dated 23 april 2008.
and the lines about "BDE update based on BlackFish 
SQL: compatible with TTable/TQuery, allowing "on the 
Table" browsing" have disappeared from it !!!!!
Comment by peter [] on April 28, 19:22

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