September 2, 2007 Interview in English

My interview on French site is now available also in English.

My interview on French site is now available also in English. As Nick pointed out, it is "kind of funny to have an Italian Delphi developer interviewed in a French magazine and blogged about by an American Product Manager."

The interview covers lots of topics, including my personal background and interests, CodeGear, Delphi, .NET vs. Win32, Web development, and much more. Feel free to post your comments here in my blog!

PS. The Delphi 2007 Handbook is close to shipping. I'm working on the Index and my editor will make a final pass during the coming week.


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Hello Marco, 

I still prefer the French version. Reads & sounds much
better. ;-)

Thanks for sharing your thought on Delphi and other
programming topics. I am very interested on the
upcoming Ruby on Rails IDE. I would hope that CodeGear
will make some progress on convincing a community,
which is used to get its development tools for free. I
recently attended a PHP user group meeting here in
Sydney. I mentioned Delphi for PHP but the majority
looked at me as if I am coming from a different
planet. I hope that the future Ruby on Rails IDE will
have a healthier live than Kylix. ;-)

Comment by Mathias Burbach [] on September 2, 15:15

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