March 9, 2006

Delphi (Old) Fun Videos

David I's home pages host a collection of classic Delphi videos, worth looking at.

When you want to relax from all of these NewCo/Borland/DelphiCo stuff, and breathe again the fresh air of the early Delphi era, there is nothing better than watch the original Delphi 2 "Transformer Car" video or the great "Oktoberfest commercial" ... you know us old-timers like to remember the good old days when there are storms around.

I've found a great collection of these videos, including a number of Borland Conference opening videos, on David I's (almost empty) web site, in the page Borland Collectible Videos. "Last updated Wednesday, August 23, 2000", but still very nice to have around.



Delphi (Old) Fun Videos 

Mmmmhh... remembers me Sunset Boulevard... old stars 
wathing their own past great successes... <g>
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on March 10, 15:34

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