Embarcadero has announced the availability of Delphi XE3, including trial versions. The first message came (on Sunday) from Tim Del Chiaro, but yesterday the product page at http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi had all the new information about Delphi XE3. The key messages from the (marketing) page are:

As you probably already know, there is no "mobile development" support in Delphi XE3, as this is expected to be made available later (apparently as an addition to the product) including a new Delphi ARM compiler and updated FireMonkey framework. Of course, there is little information about this... as the company wants to sell XE3 now.

Along with Delphi XE3, Embarcadero released:

  • C++Builder XE3, which still lacks a 64-bit compiler (but still has the offer on the product with maintanance, so you can get it that way), but includes most of the new features in Delphi XE3
  • HTML5 Builder (a re-invention of RadPHP, as you can read on Jose Leon blog at  http://joseleon.es/?p=44)
  • Interbase XE3, a new edition of the popular database (freely included in Delphi in the developer edition)

There is also a new RAD Studio XE3 pack, including Delphi, C++Builder, HTML5 Builder, and Prism... but the deal between Embarcadero and RemObjects for Prism is changing: an announcement is expected today. 

I'll blog about technical features later on. For now let me add a few final "action" links:

  • Get the Delphi XE3 30-days trial version (or the RAD Studio one) at  https://downloads.embarcadero.com/free/delphi
  • If you are in Italy, buy Delphi XE3 from my online shop
  • If you are anywhere else and want to buy directly from Embarcadero, you can use the link below (which is a referral link I might earn some money from, just that you know):

PS: What is clearly missing from this blog post is a reference to the EULA change "flames" of the past week (while I was on vacation) and some technical information about XE3. Both will come ASAP...