September 4, 2012

Delphi XE3 Released

Embarcadero has announced the availability of Delphi XE3, including trial versions.

Embarcadero has announced the availability of Delphi XE3, including trial versions. The first message came (on Sunday) from Tim Del Chiaro, but yesterday the product page at had all the new information about Delphi XE3. The key messages from the (marketing) page are:

As you probably already know, there is no "mobile development" support in Delphi XE3, as this is expected to be made available later (apparently as an addition to the product) including a new Delphi ARM compiler and updated FireMonkey framework. Of course, there is little information about this... as the company wants to sell XE3 now.

Along with Delphi XE3, Embarcadero released:

  • C++Builder XE3, which still lacks a 64-bit compiler (but still has the offer on the product with maintanance, so you can get it that way), but includes most of the new features in Delphi XE3
  • HTML5 Builder (a re-invention of RadPHP, as you can read on Jose Leon blog at
  • Interbase XE3, a new edition of the popular database (freely included in Delphi in the developer edition)

There is also a new RAD Studio XE3 pack, including Delphi, C++Builder, HTML5 Builder, and Prism... but the deal between Embarcadero and RemObjects for Prism is changing: an announcement is expected today. 

I'll blog about technical features later on. For now let me add a few final "action" links:

  • Get the Delphi XE3 30-days trial version (or the RAD Studio one) at
  • If you are in Italy, buy Delphi XE3 from my online shop
  • If you are anywhere else and want to buy directly from Embarcadero, you can use the link below (which is a referral link I might earn some money from, just that you know):

PS: What is clearly missing from this blog post is a reference to the EULA change "flames" of the past week (while I was on vacation) and some technical information about XE3. Both will come ASAP...



Delphi XE3 Released 

There is now a press release at
Comment by Marco Cantu [] on September 4, 13:48

Delphi XE3 Released 

 A big whippie doo!
 I dont think many long time Delphi peeps are gonna 
run out and purchase this one. They might get a few 
noobs though and possibly some upgrades from those 
whos companies have money to throw around. It wont 
happen here.

is there enough material for you to do another book 
Comment by Shane on September 4, 14:04

Delphi XE3 Released 

On the World Tour we were told that Mobile Studio will not be an 
addition TO the product, but an ADDITIONAL PRODUCT.

Further, we were told that RAD Studio users might look forward to 
getting it when it was released but Delphi users can take a run and jump.  
We *might* get a discount on the required purchase.

But if that discount is not 100% then we have been thoroughly shafted.

Not that I expect an MVP to say as much or even mention such things.

Thou shalt not criticise...

Comment by Jolyon Smith [] on September 4, 20:06

Delphi XE3 Released 


  yes, I don't expect everyone to jump on it. Unless 
someone started using FireMonkey, as FM2 is so much 
better. Probably not enough for a book on XE3, but 
given I didn't write one on XE2, there is more than 


  Paying to get 2 more compilers doesn't seem a theft 
to me. And you can skip those if you don't need mobile 
development. Pricing apart, I think Delphi should be a 
more modular product: Rather than buying a single 
version, one should be allowed to pick pieces and 
build his own configuration. 

And please stop this anti-MVP mantra, please. I don't 
think me or anyone of the group changed his attitude 
towards Embarcadero or Delphi overnight, and implying 
the opposite as you tend to do in many posts make 
little sense.

Comment by Marco Cantu [] on September 5, 12:24

Delphi XE3 Released 

 Will there be a starter edition or should I just go 
ahead and order Lazarus?
Comment by Bill Goodwin [] on September 5, 17:57

Delphi XE3 Released 

I want the C/S databases back into pro!!!
Ah Marco but you're an MVP, right, so you'll not
publicize my post!!!


Comment by Andrea Raimondi on September 5, 18:01

Delphi XE3 Released 

It makes sense to have two different products for 
desktop and mobile development except for the fact 
that some of us purchased Delphi XE2 specifically to 
do ios development, and then software assurance was 
purchased because we were told that ongoing 
improvements to the framework for mobile were going 
to be coming.  That makes the news of two products 
requiring multiple purchases disappointing.  
Hopefully Embarcadero can consider this and 
grandfather people this situation in, or give a 
signifigant discount.

Best Regards,
Comment by Chad F [] on September 5, 18:02

Delphi XE3 Released 


yes, i think for a day with i'wana go use all of the 
solutions in the RAD Studio

But, new Delphi XE3 not include the Linux support...
This was promised for the Embarcadero.. HTML5 is a 
product separated to Delphi.. ARM Compiler probabily be 
separated product, included in pack..

If i want to compile for a ARM and Classic Delphi 
binaries...i go buy 2 products? Compatibles?
Comment by Rodrigo on September 5, 20:35

Delphi XE3 Released 

@Andrea Raimondi

At a launch in Johannesburg on Tuesday 4th September
it was made very clear to us that C/S is still and
will be available in the PRO version. So you will
still be able to buy Database components and use with
the Pro version.

This was addressed as the very first topic of the
launch conference, and before anyone in the audience
had time to ask the question. So I think EMB has heard
the message.

Comment by Rob [] on September 6, 08:40

Delphi XE3 Released 

Thanks - good to know they're keeping it fresh.

I'm confused about the "Windows 8 look-alike" item -
is this a way to fake Win8 dev, or will we be able to
use actual Windows 8 Libraries for coding new gen GUIs?
Comment by Windows 8 Look-alike? [] on September 9, 19:03

Delphi XE3 Released 

"So you will still be able to buy Database components 
and use with the Pro version."

HHmm....what about the *built-in* database components 
that the Pro version include ? I want to use them for 
c/s developing and not be forced to buy something 
else. Can i ?
Comment by ovabus on September 10, 07:47

Delphi XE3 Released 

> RE: "I'm confused about the "Windows 8 look-alike"
item - is this a way to fake Win8 dev, or will we be
able to use actual Windows 8 Libraries for coding new
gen GUIs?"

As I understood it in the launch demo XE3 has a new
"Metropolis" feature which in effect simulates the
Windows 8 Tiles, but will run on XP, Vista and W7. So
it is part of Delphi, not Win 8 libraries.
Comment by Rob [] on September 10, 08:53

Delphi XE3 Released 

 Where is the promised Linux compiler?
I will change my Delphi 2010 when the promise will be 
Comment by Mario rossi on September 10, 16:50

Delphi XE3 Released 


> HHmm....what about the *built-in* database 
components that the Pro version include ? I want to 
use them for c/s developing and not be forced to buy 
something else. Can i ? 

Yes you can ! EG use ADO/ODBC to connect to SQL 
Server remotely. And you can buy or build dbx drivers 
to connect to other databases. And buy other db 
component sets to install and connect to remote 

As explained at great length by EMB in our launch 
demo, the same connectivity that PRO has always had 
will be available in XE3.

Comment by Rob [] on September 11, 06:45

Delphi XE3 Released 

@Mario rossi 

XE3 cross compiles to OSX Mountain Lion, and allows 
development of Android/iOS apps. But no Linux 
compiler yet. 

My guess ? From Android to Linux may not be such a 
big step, but I am not sure there is much demand for 
Linux. And is there any value in VCL/Firemonkey apps 
for Linux ? Server side yes, but client side Linux - 

Best way is to send a feature request to EMB for 
Delphi Linux compiler so we can develop multi-
platform apps inclusive of Linux. And get everyone 
who requires this to send in a feature request, 
perhaps it will be re-prioritised.

Comment by Rob [] on September 11, 06:59

Delphi XE3 Released 


Thanks for the clarification! I need to persuade my 
company about potential buy of C++Builder XE3, so as 
i understand it, i can buy the PRO version and be 
able to make connection a a remote Sql Server (we use 
only Sql Server here) with no problems. Correct ?

And a last one: did the launch demo has any mentions 
of C++11 features in C++Builder XE3 ?

Comment by ovabus on September 11, 14:17

Delphi XE3 Released 


I think you completely missed the sense of my post :)
It wasn't a real "rant", rather a light way to
highlight that Marco's always been up in arms when the
occasion was right and speaking up with Borland,
Codegear, etc. whatever the name of the day was.

I think it's very un-generous of people to accuse him
of partisanism on the Embarcadero side just because of
a badge. Whenever I have seen partisanism in Marco's
views, that has always been favouring the community at
large. At least, that has always been my perception of it.

On a more serious note :) I would *love* to see the
dbexpress drivers back in Pro for "non-localhost"
development out of the box. 

I think choosing otherwise hurts Embarcadero twice:
first of all the limited adoption of DBExpress and
secondly customers upset because they have to resort
to some other way to do what they could be doing in a
simpler and more streamlined way.

That said, I do agree that the various incarnations of
Midas should probably stay at the Enterprise level,
but there's no reason for DBExpress to be limited.


Comment by Andrea Raimondi on September 11, 17:19

Delphi XE3 Released 


  a couple of clarifications. XE3 allows development for 
Windows and Mac. Android/iOS support is expected in a 
Mobile pack later, as an add-in to XE3.

  Since a few versions, in the Professional version 
dbExpress is available only for a couple of databases 
and only used locally (on the same machine). Using third 
party dbExpress drivers to bypass this is disallwed by 
the license. This is not new in XE3, was there already 
since 2010, I think. Although few people read it.

Comment by Marco Cantu [] on September 11, 20:02

Delphi XE3 Released 


Yes, correct as long as you use ADO/ODBC and or third 
party components. See my response to Marco lower down 
in this post about dbx drivers. As regards C++11 
features I do not recall any mention of them at the 

@Andrea Raimondi 

Point understood :-) Regarding dbx drivers for non-
local host development see my response to Marco 
below. Thanks.


Thanks for your response, you are correct on the 
mobile development. It was not clear from our launch 
whether it would form part of Delphi or be a separate 
product to be purchased. However my point is that 
using Delphi mobile development is/will be available 
in Delphi, but I am splitting hairs here :-)

As to non-localhost development using dbx drivers, 
and the licence conditions for PRO, a statement was 
made by an EMB representative at our launch that it 
is allowed to buy/build your own dbx drivers to 
connect to remote databases. This seems to conflict 
with your comments on the licence conditions, I will 
send a post to EMB for clarification regarding this. 
Not sure when I will receive a response though. 

But in essence using ADO/ODBC and 3rd party database 
components with PRO connecting to remote databases is 
allowed. It only seems to be dbx that is at issue 

Comment by Rob [] on September 12, 07:13

Delphi XE3 Released 

Personally I do have some issues with the pricing on
the product.  Having purchased XE2 and getting into
gear with the features available, I just cannot
justify paying the amount of money to upgrade to XE3.
 I believe most folks have been loyal to the product
line since Turbo Pascal and have experienced the bad
times until recently now.

I love the webinars that the company gives all the
time but as I spoke to the sales staff it is always
the budgets that small businesses can afford.

Comment by Richard [] on October 19, 18:51

Delphi XE3 Released 

 in the release notes... it states.

 Changes in Support for iOS Development

    Two DataSnap connectors for iOS are available in XE3. 
    The FireMonkey iOS development tools are supported
in XE2 only. Owners of XE3 have the right to download,
install, and use the XE2 product. 


funny how the iOS tools are not in XE3...

btw: great work!!
Comment by Lenn Dolling [] on February 17, 00:06

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