It has been quite some time from the last installment, and there is a lot to cover -- although I did blog about a summary of the coming Delphi for Linux related news separately.

Embarcadero News

The company has released a new version of InterBase, read more at

Nick explains he is moving to a new role inside the company (and also covering his new book, see also below) at

Delphi DNA infographic at

Tokyo Beside Linux

While the focus of the coming release is Delphi Linux support, there is more to it. Here are some anticipations:

Previewing RAD Server Multi-Tenancy Support in 10.2 by Sarina at

What's New in C++Builder 10.2: Part 1 - The Linker by David at

Previewing FireMonkey Features in RAD Studio 10.2 by Sarina at

​RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo & MariaDB by Fernando (in Portoguese) at

​Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Beta Blogging: Editing data in TFDMemTable during design-time by Holger at

UI Changes in the IDE's View menu by David at


Always great to have new Delphi books, even more if the author is Nick:

More Technical Blog Posts

Delphi/Object Pascal at #9 in Tiobe March 2017 index - Swift enters top 10 by DavidI at The actual Tiobe Index information is at and there you can see Delphi/Object Pascal got one notch up to the 9th position. Even if I don't think this is a real representation of use of programing languages, relative growth -- within the sane index -- is certainly a positive sign.

TListView OwnerDraw compat with Windows UI & VCL Styles by Rodrigo at

Generics, modules and typeinfo by Stefan at

The Old Vic by Steffen at

Embed Facebook SDK for Android in your Delphi mobile app (Part 2) by Allen at

Quickly Auto Generate iOS, OSX, And Android Headers For Delphi And C++Builder by Eli at -- This is extremely important for calling more native APIs than we expose or use other native third party libraries on different platforms

Perform Low Code Calculations Using LiveBindings In Delphi FireMonkey On Android And IOS by Eli at

Official quartic equation using Delphi Firemonkey by Haruyuki at

Libraries and Third Party

Redux Delphi at

​My Future plans for GExperts by Thomas at


That's a lot of links for sure, but all of them are worth reading and looking to. I know, I need to keep this more frequent, but busy getting Delphi 10.2 out of the door. Stay tuned.