August 26, 2009

Delphi 2010 Articles and Documentation

Some links to articles and comments about Delphi 2010, after its release. And the link to the online wiki-based documentation.

Some links to articles and comments about Delphi 2010, after its release:

  • Eweek: Embarcadero Ships RAD Studio 2010, not much more than a re-worded press release with a couple of extra comments
  • TheRegister: Embarcadero gets Touchy with Windows 7 RAD has a spin, lots of focus on touch support and why it might be big (or fail) and a comment worth #34ing: "The company's tools have a history of feeding off the huge Windows market."
  • Tim Anderson: Delphi and C++Builder 2010 are out, is quite picky on some installation issues (prompting a few comments by Nick Hodges and David Dean on why the setup.exe used to check for upgrades has issues on Vista). Tim points out to a few issues that have a lot of merit and are worth addressing in the future.

I also wanted to point out to the online wiki-based documentation: You can now browse the "what's new in RAD Studio 2010" document without having to install anything, not even a trial. Have a lok at:'s_New_in_Delphi_and_C%2B%2BBuilder_2010 (not 100% correct on all counts, but improving from the past).

Finally, just a minor note. Yesterday I posted a link to Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, and it was clicked (at this right moment) 440 times, mostly from my blog (266) and only a couple of dozen times from twitter and facebook, but about 100 from applications that take up my twitter feed or my blog RSS feed.



Delphi 2010 Articles and Documentation 

I install yesterday the delphi 2010 trial.
My first impression is bad.
I can saw some differences in the ide.
The delphi help is in english not spanish, never spanish from delphi 1 
to delphi 2010.
Where are the books for learn ? (books in delphi 2006 ?, 2007 ?, 
delphi 2009??????????).
Only a few books in delphi 2007, only one or two in delphi 2009.
Its impossible to learn the new things from delphi in one year before 
that embarcadero release a new delphi.
The help and the examples are very, very bad.

Due to  i think to continue using delphi 2007 y delphi 2007 and wait 
for better nformation, help, and better books and examples.

I am sorry.
Comment by vicente marrero machin on August 26, 19:03

Delphi 2010 Articles and Documentation 

Hi Marco, thanks for the compliment on the docwiki!
I'm curious about your 100% comment -- did you mean
that the What's New isn't complete? or that the
overall doc is still incomplete? I thought we got
everything into the What's New but the developers are
busy bees and sometimes we miss things. Overall, yes
incomplete and with the wiki we can make fixes faster,
and more people can participate. Cheers! -Dee 
Comment by Dee Elling [] on August 27, 02:56

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