Some links to articles and comments about Delphi 2010, after its release:

  • Eweek: Embarcadero Ships RAD Studio 2010, not much more than a re-worded press release with a couple of extra comments
  • TheRegister: Embarcadero gets Touchy with Windows 7 RAD has a spin, lots of focus on touch support and why it might be big (or fail) and a comment worth #34ing: "The company's tools have a history of feeding off the huge Windows market."
  • Tim Anderson: Delphi and C++Builder 2010 are out, is quite picky on some installation issues (prompting a few comments by Nick Hodges and David Dean on why the setup.exe used to check for upgrades has issues on Vista). Tim points out to a few issues that have a lot of merit and are worth addressing in the future.

I also wanted to point out to the online wiki-based documentation: You can now browse the "what's new in RAD Studio 2010" document without having to install anything, not even a trial. Have a lok at:'s_New_in_Delphi_and_C%2B%2BBuilder_2010 (not 100% correct on all counts, but improving from the past).

Finally, just a minor note. Yesterday I posted a link to Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, and it was clicked (at this right moment) 440 times, mostly from my blog (266) and only a couple of dozen times from twitter and facebook, but about 100 from applications that take up my twitter feed or my blog RSS feed.