February 14, 2007

12 Years of Delphi

Delphi was officially launched 12 years ago, today. Here is some material from my 10th birthday page.

Delphi was officially launched 12 years ago, on Valentine Day (the legend tells this was a Valentine present for VB, more probably it was because of the SD Conference the launch was part of). Two years ago, I build a rich web page with material from the time. Here you can find my Delphi 10th Birthday page.

There are two picture in the page I'd actually share on the blog. The first is the invitation to the launch party:

Delphi Launch Party

The second is an image of the two beta floppies I still have (I recycled all of the others!), from two different early beta rounds of Wasabi. Later betas were delivered on CD. (Yes, I know my NDA said I could not say I was on the beta, but that was 12 years ago... and my 1,500 pages book getting out soon after the product somewhat proves I had some information on it):

Beta Floppies

As much as you can complain with Borland/CodeGear about slips in the recent years, it is not very common to have a fully working and updated product (see the leak I received yesterday) after 12 years. How many other development tools for Windows of the same period are still there, supported and in wide use? How many programming languages of 12 years ago do you keep using?

Happy Birthday to Delphi... and to its R&D Team!



12 Years of Delphi 

I'm so glad the Powers-that-Be at Borland decided not 
to sell-off Delphi! I have been a software developer 
for 5 years, coming to the industry in a round-about 
way. I was a professional oboist in a symphony 
orchestra for a decade, when lung problems forced a 
career change. I went back to school to get an IT 
degree, studying client/server development using VB 6 
and C++. When I got a job with the State of Ohio, 
Delphi 5 was the official development platform. Once 
I became familiar with Delphi, I quickly began to 
become quite proficient with it. We migrated up 
through Delphi 6, 7 & 8. I believe I could make 
Delphi do just about anything I want it to do! I've 
used Delphi to develop complex n-tier client/server 
applications, ActiveX controls, multi-threaded 
applications and multi-threaded Dll's. I've even used 
Delphi as a middle tier data provider between a VB6 
application I inherited from a contractor, and a 
mainframe DB2 database. We had an old DB2 client at 
the time, that wasn't compatible with ADO, so the VB6 
app couldn't get data back from our mainframe DB2 
databases. So, I developed an entire layer of multi-
threaded Dll's with Delphi 7 that connected to the 
database and ran queries, passing the information 
back to the VB6 application. My Delphi Dll's were 
running 8 queries simultaneously using multi-
threading. The end users were thrilled with the 
results, and are still using this VB6 - Delphi 7 - 
DB2 system to this day. 

Unfortunately, the management here has decided that 
Delphi will no longer be our development platform of 
choice, preferring instead to go with IBM 
WebSphere/Rational Application Developer and C#. This 
decision broke my heart, as I have grown to really 
love Delphi, and feel I could use it to solve just 
about any business problem, and provide almost any 
business functionality a user could ask for. I still 
continue to use Delphi in my spare time, whenever 
friends ask me to develop solutions for them outside 
of work. I hope one day we will return to using 
Delphi, as I think it is a great tool for software 
development, and can compete with any other tool out 
there on the market today.

John M. Yount
State of Ohio ODJFS MIS
Comment by John M. Yount [yountj@odjfs.state.oh.us] on March 14, 16:29

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