August 2, 2007

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming

I'm writing the last few pages and editing my book on Delphi 2007 for Win32. Here is all of the information.

As I mentioned a few days ago in another blog post, I'm writing the last few pages and editing my book on Delphi 2007 for Win32. The book will be titled "Delphi 2007 Handbook" and (unless I find a better last minute deal) will be available on, a print-on-demand system. The book is quite different from the Mastering books I wrote in the past. It is not an all-encompassing tome like the Mastering, providing an overall introduction to Delphi. The new book, instead, covers only features added to the product since Delphi 7, and focuses in particular on Delphi 2006 and 2007. The overlap with Mastering Delphi 7 is non-existent. That with Mastering Delphi 2005 minimal.

Being a Delphi 2007 book, it will cover Win32 development, with no material on .NET. As usual there are tons of examples with full source code. This is the table of contents:

  • 1: The Delphi 2007 IDE
  • 2: Code Templates and Refactoring
  • 3: Projects Management and MSBuild
  • 4: The Debugger
  • 5: The Delphi Language (Recent Updates)
  • 6: Core RTL Changes
  • 7: Changes in the VCL
  • 8: Memory Management (and Robust Applications)
  • 9: Windows Vista and the Delphi 2007 VCL
  • 10: Database Support and DBX4
  • 11: InstallAware and Other Tools
  • 12: Upgrading Projects to Delphi 2007
  • Appendixes

Not all chapters have the same size and importance, but this list should give you an idea of the content. Page count should be around 250 page. I'm being helped by an editor (for a small fee) and a couple of tech reviewers (for free).

This is the first book I self publish and the first I publish on Lulu. Until this morning I though of getting a regular ISBN to take advantage of a formal distribution, including Amazon and the like. Today I read the agreement in more details and found out that this will eat up a large chuck of royalties. I was thinking of pricing the book at 36.50 in US dollars (about 27 Euros). Now this was based an a complex calculation starting with how much money I'd like to make on each copy sold. Using distribution services, half of the money goes to the distributor and (keeping the same price) my royalty becomes less than one third of the total. So I'll have to sell three times as much to make the same. At the opposite, if I want to keep my original royalty I'll have to price the book over 60 US dollars, a little too much for a 250-pages book in my opinion.

So it might as well end up that the book will be available only on Lulu. This will imply limited marketing also from many friends, as they cannot claim their Amazon referral fees by linking the books on their sites. But, again, this will me way more money from me for a much smaller price for readers. I think I'm ready to take the risk... but suggestions are welcome.

PS. You might say you don't care how much money I make, but ultimately, the more I make the more books I'll write in the future. If I make too little, I won't publish the other (more advanced) books I'm partially working on.



My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

I am looking forward to it!  One question - when you say "print on demand", do you mean I would get a hardcopy, not just a PDF to print, correct? 
Comment by Robert Smith on August 2, 19:16

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

Could you add a chapter on VCL for the Web (intraweb). 

Appendix on the Libraries and its objective in Delphi
2007 shipped along with the product. 

Comment by shankar [] on August 2, 19:16

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 


I'm anxiously waiting [CC in hand] for the release!
This is great news.

Comment by DaveK [] on August 2, 19:22

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 Hi Marco
I will certainly buy your book.How ever i am a bit
disappointed that you have not written any thing on .Net.
Comment by Venkatesh VT on August 2, 20:00

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

I am looking forward to this release.  Please keep us 
posted on any updates.
Comment by James Nagle on August 2, 20:39

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 


Have you read Julian Bucknall's story of re-publishing
his "Tomes of Delphi Data Structures and Algorithms"
book on Lulu? He has a great series of articles about
the experience, pricing and cost issues, royalties,
and so forth. is the
link to the first in the series, in case you haven't
seen it.
Comment by Ken White on August 2, 21:34

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

If it is a quality book, I don't think the lack of a 
pithy amazon kickback will stop people in the 
community from recommending it.

I do see you have an link yourself (I 
never noticed it before, so that says something in 
and of itself) - do you find that it makes you enough 
money to influence you not to recommend books that 
don't make you money but still find excellent?
Comment by Xepol on August 3, 00:22

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 I'll be one of those buying it. You mentioned
"Advanced  books", hope you are writing on one on
creating components for Delphi.
Thanks and looking forward to it.
Comment by Pepe T on August 3, 04:17

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 This is GREAT news Marco.  I just wish I could get
.pdfs of the Delphi 2007 documentation so I could have
hardcopies of Codegear Delphi documentation.  Why is
it that they think everyone likes to spend hours
staring a a computer screen reading their online
documentation?   I like having a hardcopy that I can
take with me elsewhere.  As you say, your book is an
update since 2005/2006. maybe it will allow me to use
the 2005 docs I had printed out in conjunction with
yours to get the whole picture.

Thanks Marco!
Comment by Mike Piazza on August 3, 04:23

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

I'll certainly buy it, probably even if it was $US60.
 I consider the value of time it takes me to read a
book is usually far far in excess of the purchase
price (and it's not because I'm a slow reader).
Comment by Alister christie [] on August 3, 05:35

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

Excellent news..

A chapter on Intraweb would be great. 

Especially the gotcha's for newbies like ADO and
Intraweb and Coinitial errors etc.. 

Things to watch out for.

Maybe something on Firebird and DBX4 ? UIB ??

Maybe an appendix with 3rd Party libs ?

ie. TMS Software, JVCL, Devexpress, etc etc..

Can't wait to fire up the CC to place my order..

Andrew Tierney

Comment by Andrew Tierney [] on August 3, 06:08

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

27 euros is a good price for me. Lulu is a good
choise. An intraweb chapter is welcome.
Comment by dmc on August 3, 09:40

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

Hi Marco,

Very happy news..

Please add a chapter on VCL for the Web (intraweb).  
Comment by ttamturk on August 3, 11:39

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

A Chapter for IntraWeb, yes please.  I developed a 
site using IntraWeb, even though it finally came 
together, what a miserable experience.  Help from 
the Atozed web site was lousy.  Documentation on the 
web is pretty much non-existent.  Not even good 
example projects exist.  Anything describing what 
not to do (believe me there are many hidden 
pitfalls), and what object properties to avoid, 
would make the experience less painful.  A how to 
build IntraWeb components section would also be 
nice, since most third party Intraweb components are 
really bad.  Even from one "unnamed" company who 
usually does excellent work with their components, 
have terrible Intraweb components.
Comment by Brett Graffin on August 3, 14:49

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 Robert Smith: "do you mean I would get a hardcopy,
not just a PDF to print"


If Lulu does as good a job on Marco's book as they did
on Julian's, you'll be really impressed.

I bought Julian's book and when it arrived, I was
amazed at the quality. The only think that kept it
from being 100% equivalent to books I've bought from
Amazon was the lack of a UPC and barcode on the back

I was so impressed I brought it to work and handed to
my boss (who was standing next to his boss) and asked
him if he noticed anything special about it. After
spending five minutes or so inspecting it, thumbing
through the pages, etc., neither of them could find
anything. When I told them how it was printed on
demand specifically for my order, they were impressed.

And the turnaround time from when I placed the order
and when I received the book was 7 days exactly (I'm
in the US).
Comment by Ken White on August 3, 17:39

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 I've been looking at pod publishing.  I've not dug
into all the details of the system, but also has Amazon listing for some of
their packages.

I look very forward to the book.  I went from D5 to
D2006.  I always have the feeling that I'm missing
some goodies simply because of the leap.  This book is
what I have been looking for!  (Nick Hodges provided a
partial list once.)
Comment by Frank Luke on August 3, 19:06

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

Can't wait...

It will be good to see details of the changes from 7 
to 2007 having just made that jump myself.
Comment by Graham Kennedy on August 3, 22:42

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

Sounds good Marco! 

By the way, I really think a book of 250 pages should
be priced under $30 US.
Comment by Eric Engler [] on August 4, 03:04

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

Good work Marco! With Julian's book, this may be the 
start of more Delphi coverage on Lulu.

As a matter of fact, I'll be publishing some Delphi 
courseware manuals on Lulu (as hardcover editions) 
myself, plus in a few days a C++Builder 2007 
Database Development paperback of only 54 pages, but 
including DBX4 coverage.

I've added you to my list of friends on Lulu ;-)

Comment by Bob Swart [] on August 5, 17:14

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

"If Lulu does as good a job on Marco's book as they 
did on Julian's, you'll be really impressed."


Thanks for the feedback!  Marco, keep us 
informed!!!  :)
Comment by Robert Smith on August 5, 21:59

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

As soon as it is available, I'm going to order it, 
along with Julian's re-print.
Comment by Stefan on August 7, 10:26

Publishing on Lulu 


What I would suggest is releasing it on Lulu for a
while without a ISBN and Amazon distribution.  Then
when your sales start to taper off, release a new
edition with an ISBN through Amazon.  This will reach
a new circle of readers that you were not previously
able to reach, and won't cut into the potential sales
you would have had from Lulu directly with the better
cut for you.  

You could raise the price if you wanted to when you
released that edition, especially since Amazon will
offer a discount off of the cover price.  In fact you
could continue offering both editions of the book, so
people have a choice: Buy it from amazon and pay the
extra money for the distributor, or directly from
Lulu.  That is the great thing about self publishing
and using a service as flexible as Lulu.

I hope you make a lot of money so you will keep writing!

Thanks for all the great books!
Comment by Jim McKeeth [] on August 7, 23:56

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 Does your Delphi 2007 Handbook explain handling
migration of custom components to Delphi 2007?  I've
been searching for solutions on Google but I haven't
found anything that addresses integrating custom
components that I have written into the new IDE.  The
structure/use of packages seems to have changed and it
almost appears that components are available
automatically depending upon the app that is open.  In
the past, I had to use the Project Options settings,
but I'm wondering if I import an application that it
will generate an error that the component(s) are not
found, or if simply having them available in the
search paths is enough now.  I haven't kept up after
Delphi 7, but am now trying out RAD Studio 2007.

Good luck with Lulu and I hope CodeGear will
eventually be free from Borland.  Thanks!
Comment by Curtis Manwaring [] on September 26, 04:30

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 

 Hi there,
I have been looking for such a book.  I am still 
wondering if your book contains information about 
component programming in Delphi 2007.  Several 
articles on the internet only describes earlier 
version component programming.
Cant wait.
Comment by Ryno on February 12, 14:28

My Delphi 2007 Handbook is Coming 


Make as much money as you can. Your books have been 
invaluable to the Delphi market. I was wondering if 
the new book will discuss moving Delphi 7 apps to 
Delphi 2007 and what sort of problems one might 
expect. I already know that my app using the Indy 9 
components with some modifications to the Indy 
source will be problematic, but I was wondering what 
other gotchas there might be. I used a lot if the 
old ADO components and third-party components which 
might not have been ported. Anyway, some advice in 
the book on porting existing applications might be 

Thanks for all of the great books you've done. 
Comment by Terry [] on June 18, 23:42

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