August 15, 2007

Delphi 2007 Update 2 (and 3 Coming)

CodeGear has released an update, mostly addressing C++Builder 2007.

CodeGear has released an update to its RAD Studio IDE, mostly addressing C++Builder 2007 but also for Delphi 2007. You can find the readme (this time for real) on the Developer Network. The problem of the update is that it requires the original install image. You can find a complete description of the reason in this post by Chris Pattinson.

Chris describes the issue at stake with MSI (Microsoft Installer) and mentioning alternative solutions (like moving the install images to a DVD or a network location, Nick has all the details). The issue is real. I have a 80 GB drive in my portable (too small, I know) and wasting several GB for many install images seems a total waste to me.

Moreover, Chris mentions a forthcoming "major" Update 3, timed along with the new Highlander product, saying that "Update 3 will apply, even if the cache is not present".



Delphi 2007 Update 2 and 3 Coming 

I wish the builtin update notification would tell us 
the size of the update. The first update was 700+mb 
and I'm on dialup so that's not feasible. I had to 
have my son with dsl download it and put it on a cd 
for me. This last one tried to do automatic update 
but since I feared another 700mb update, I opted to 
cancel that and do the update manually. Had I known 
it was far smaller, I would have gone ahead with the 
automatic update. Please consider adding the size of 
the update to the notification process so that we can 
make an intelligent decision about proceeding. I KNOW 
the file size of any file you want to download is 
available in advance of downloading the file whether 
by ftp or http. Let's face it, we're not computer 
illiterates who have to search the desktop for the 
start button so please don't treat us like we don't 
need to know the technical details of what's going on.
Comment by Joe H on August 15, 17:24

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