The examples and the recording of my dbExpress and Firebird webinar, the one I did two days ago for the MindTheBird! event, are now available. MindTheBird! is the celebration of 10 years of Firebird. 

The download of the examples (mostly from my recent Delphi Handbooks, converted to Firebird) are available along with some configuration information for dbExpress at:

The examples include:

  • A simpler dbExpress primer, called DbxMulti, with an SQLMonitor and a ClientDataSet updating the remote database at every post operation.
  • A multi-threaded example with pooling, called PoolingDemo.
  • A read-only example populating a ListView (no ClientDataSet) called DbxReadOnly
  • A program showing the use of the non-TDataSet-related DBX classes for reading data, called DbxDirect
  • An example of the classic table list access, called SchemaTest.
  • An example of the full metadata support (including creating new tables via metadata), called MetaCreateTable.

Well, looks I could have listed the project names only, as they are pretty self-explanatory. In any case, more information about the demos is mostly in Delphi 2007 Handbook, the one introducing dbExpress IV, but some is in later editions. Well, it might make sense to have a Delphi dbExpress book out there... but no promise at all.

The recorded version of the webinar is available for download in the MindTheBird! benefits page: