February 6, 2006

Delphi 2006 Review, by Blake Watson

Blake has written a very interesting review of Delphi 2006 for devsource.com.

As Nick pointed out, there is an interesting review of Delphi 2006 on devsource.com, titled "Imperfect Yet Irresistible". The review focuses mostly on Delphi as a Win32 development tool, due to Blake's stated pragmatic approach to new technologies like .NET. After his evaluation, Blake is not sure whether to move all of his existing Delphi 7 development to Delphi 2006.

I find myself moving real projects (real world projects, not book demos, I mean) to 2006 in numbers, whilst I kept using Delphi 7 for many Win32 projects in the Delphi 2005 days. It takes indeed a while to get used to the editor writing code for you, at times misplacing it. But the many times the editor does the right thing for you, you really end up typing much less (or coding much faster, depending on your perspective). I find myself getting back to Delphi 7 less and less...



Delphi 2006 Review, by Blake Watson 

Borland plan to sell Delphi
Who will the the buyer ? :)
Comment by StJo [http://stjo.com] on February 8, 18:18

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