September 6, 2007

CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

CodeGear has officially announced RAD Studio 2007, formerly known as Highlander.

You've probably already seen the announcement, CodeGear has released Highlander. Key features are .NET 2.0 support, including language extensions for parameterized types, the new Blackfish SQL managed database engine, ECO IV, and dbExpress 4 with ADO.NET support. More details on some of these new features in the coming days. As the official announcement says, "the products will be available this month".

You can already see many blogs commenting the announcement, including Anders Ohlsson, Roland Beenhakker, David I (with plenty of links), and Allen Bauer. As Allen points out, the new release includes Update 3 of Delphi 2007. You can see articles (among others) on Redmond Developer News and Application Development Trends. Not that these articles add any information, while you can find some more in the data sheet (PDF). You can find more details on Blackfish SQL in the product page, including its deployment license.

How much does it cost? Prices range from the Professional Upgrade versions at $549 to the Architect New User at $3299. Compared to past versions, the price has been reduced a little, and if CodeGear applies a reasonable Dollar/Euro rate exchange, it will be even cheaper in Europe.



CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 

$2499 for an upgrade is indeed very EXPENSIVE.. That's
more than 75% of the new user price. I wonder this
means that upgrade from 2006 Architect to 2007
Architect costs as much as from 2006 Professional to
2007 Architect?
Comment by William on September 7, 04:35

CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 

New features's always nice to have. The time it takes 
to upgrade your existing tools is very important
If you don't really need it then just wait and save 
WHY? because until you want it the upgrade could 
already well packed with even more features at the 
same or less cost
Comment by David on September 19, 21:14

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