February 9, 2006

Borland selling Delphi

As you probably already know there was a "shocking" announcement this morning... Borland selling Delphi!

You've probably seen the Borland announcement floating about on the web, David I announcement on BDN, and many, many others. I particularly suggest you read Allen Bauer's Fly! Be Free! and other Borland employees on blogs.borland.com, whose mood seeems very positive, indeed.

The new company will have IDEs (JBuilder, Delphi, C++Builder...) and databases (InterBase, JDataStore and nDataStore), plus Kylix and the old Turbo languages... Many people are somewhat under shock, but the mood is mostly positive. In recent years Delphi was slowed by Borland, not pushed by it. It might really be a turning point for Delphi. A very positive one!

We'll see... for now, I'm listening to the R&D chat about the announcement. I'll post again later or tomorrow.



Borland selling Delphi 

If it's good or not will depend for most part from 
who will buy IDE tools. 
I think it's not required, as absolute value, a lot 
of money to buy IDE tools from Borland, but with an 
potentially explosive power in some hands. 

What I say for now that it's funny to see that the 
most near-to-developers CEO of last years will be the 
one that will sell IDE tools !!!
Comment by Roberto Icardi on February 9, 01:48

Borland selling Delphi 

I read one blog entry somewhere on this...

Since the Borland company name mostly for me (and 
probably a few more people) at least are associated 
with the developer IDE products not so much for the 
ALM product range, let the new company keep the 
Borland name.

Why not dust off the Interprice company name to be 
used for the company keeping the ALM product range 

Think I will keep an eye out for what will happen 
here. Much is afoot.

Comment by Hopeful on February 9, 10:42

Borland selling Delphi 

Borland's newest CEO, the Microsoft guy who basically
killed Paradox with Access 2.0's early release,
doesn't seem to be satisfied with shooting Borland in
the foot once more.  IMO, he's shooting Borland in the
head.  I can only speculate where his loyalty lies.
Comment by Sam Hunt on February 14, 21:27

Borland selling Delphi 

 Just a thought about new Borland's CEO: Should the
Department of Justice investigate this guy?
I am sure he has a lot more Microsoft’s stocks than
Borland's. It would be funny to discover that he is
still "working" for Microsoft, and the real reason for
selling Delphi is Microsoft’s desire to eliminate the
Comment by vvinycity on February 20, 02:14

Borland selling Delphi 

It's clear as day Tod Nielsen loyal to Microsoft > 

He commiting corp sabotage! Working at Oracle during 
the time Microsoft was working on Microsoft SQL 
server. Now Microsoft copied how Borland IDE works 
in Microsoft.net they would love to get their dirty 
hands on Borland IDE library, and he going to sell 
it to them. Call me Nuts, but look at microsoft 
track record, with other companies! 

Comment by Ken [http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/1999/12-02nielsen.mspx] on February 24, 21:34

Nielsen and Microsoft 

Borland CEO has worked at MS, sure, but after he quit
and started another company (CrossGain) MS went after
he and many other employees with a non-compete
agreement and caused the small startup to callapse. He
had to resign as CEO. CrossGain was swallowed by BEA.
I doubt Nielsen has forgotten the harm MS did him...
and I'm under the impression he is doing the best
think for Delphi in a lot of time from a Borland CEO.
Was asking to ship a poor Delphi 2005 a great idea
from a past CEO? I doubt!
Comment by Marco Cantù [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 25, 01:04

Borland selling Delphi 

 CrossGain and Nielson were never stable, MS was 
correct with their assertion; CrossGain employees had 
violated their agreement with MS.  Nielson was a good 
hatchet man for MS, but I don’t think he is working 
with MS and I don’t think Nielson will go anywhere 
with this new corporate thinking.

The hope for the community is that the right buyer 
gets a hold of Delphi and that they get an agreement 
to use the name “Borland” when Nielson drives over 
the cliff.  Borland is “Pascal”, not some acronym for 
corporate misunderstanding. DotNet, Java and the 
likes are just hype: real development is done 
in “Native Compiled Code” and not P code. Delphi is 
the only complete IDE out there that is real OOP’s, 
not mangled headers and native code.  C# is OOP’s, 
but like all MS’s application development languages, 
it is not native compiled.

How many times, have you seen someone on a blog say 
something like this:  I would use Delphi, but I hear 
the Borland is going out of business.  Linux is 
slowly getting a good start and Kylix is a great 
product for Linux, but I hear the same thing on Linux 
blogs, “I would use Kylix, but I hear Borland no 
longer supports it”, “I think I’ll stay with the GNU 
stuff for now”.  Delphi has a future with the right 
company.  Not some company who wants to grow its self 
into a corner like the last couple of Borland CEO’s 
did.  The right IDE business can be small strong and 
profitable but not big and diversified.

 I have owned stock in BORL since they went public, 
but I have sold.  That money is in a cash account 
until I can invest in the new “Delphi” company.  I 
put my money where my development is.  
Comment by James on March 9, 20:51

Borland selling Delphi 

 what company purchased delphi? It's the middle of 
March any word yet?
Comment by kingTUT on March 15, 00:41

Borland selling Delphi 

 What is the name of the new company that will 
continue Delphi R&D products? is it going to be a 
public one?

Now Scott McNealy is leaving Sun, where he'll go? To 
this new company or Microsoft?

Sun wants to step into the desktop business maybe 
this Delphi product will fit their model, they 
already can "run anywhere" almost.

Comment by Gustavo on May 25, 04:37

Borland selling Delphi 


  Pls Marco, Tell Borland not to sell delphi. 

  I program in Pascal in my College days... And 
having learned VB, Java, C++ and the new C#, I 
confirmed Delphi is the easiest and most productive 
for business application and research comfort... 

  I just started real delphi programming and Im 
really enjoying it... 

  Borland is Synchronous with Delphi... Thats why 
the former "Inprise" name can't stay as history 
foretold... BORLAND can handle DELPHI best...

  Also I see you are a top guy in Borland... You 
should try and reason together with others 
colleagues of yours on what Borland could do to make 
Delphi outperform C#... 

  Please pardon my unprofessional style of words... 
Im a College starter and also new in Programming... 

  By the way I cherish your interest in Delphi...

  I am a Computer Science Student from Nigeria, a 
member of Delphi Programmer's Unit


Comment by Demoore [] on October 28, 23:40

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