In two days (Sunday) I'll be in San Francisco for the Borland Developers Conference (generally known as "Borcon"). I'll leave Italy tomorrow evening, stop by in Amsterdam, and travel most of the day on Saturday.

Besides my two talks on Patterns and VCL for .NET, I also got approval for two BOF sessions, as you can see in the complete list of my talks. As the conference site tells, BOF sessions are not real presentations but organized meetings: "Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are available for conference attendees and speakers who share a common interest in a particular product or technology and want to get together".

The first is on AJAX in Delphi: Asynchronous JavaScript XML is a Web technology that has become very popular because of Google (gmail, maps). Writing AJAX applications in Delphi is easier than you might believe. I've already blogged about the topic, hope to have some more code ready in time.

My second BOF is on InstantObjects, a O/R mapping system I've learned using over the last couple of years: InstantObjects is an open source and actively developed Object Relational Mapping framework for Delphi. Come and learn about it, see how to get involved, and check out what's cooking in the lab.
If you are coming to the conference I'll be happy if you stop by at my talks and BOF sessions. If you are not coming, I'll use this blog more frequently than the usual to keep you up-to-date with the conference itself and the main Borland announcements.