Another day at the Borland Conference. It is still not done, but at least today I'll post a little earlier. Most of the time today was spent attending classes, with less Delphi 2006 specific talks and fewer news to spread.

The morning started early for me with a BOF on Object Relational Mapping and InstantObjects at 7 am. Smaller crowd than the AJAX BOF, but it was early morning the the topic was far less popular. Later I sneaked into Charlie Calvert session on unit testing the one one by Bob Swart on Web Services.

And Keynote

But I had to join the reharsal of the keynote, where I had been invited to participate as a developer. Not that I did have to say anything special, all I had to do was stay on stage and comment shortly some of the points being made and mention Delphi so taht the audience could cheer. I got a nice "Borland-marked" iPod for my appearence plus a few other goodies, totally unexpected (thanks, Boz).
The keynote by Boz Elloy was on SDO. Surprisingly, it ended up being interesting (and I'm not saying this because I was involved). The theme was: if we provide your managers with good tools, you developers will have less trouble and be able to do what you like most ( "adding sanity in the organization", in his words).
They acqually showed a tool for "requirements elicitation" (whatever that means!) and Tempo, a tool they'cve recently bought for portfolio management. Sounds strange, but as it was displayed these tools really made sense. Maybe I'm starting to get SDO... or maybe Borland is starting to explain in better, who knows.

And More Sessions

In the afternoon I gave my talk on VCL for .NET. The room was crowded, and it was a large room. The feedback was positive. Even a Microsoft speaker stopped by to congratulate (luckily enough I din't say anything bad about his company). Now I'm relaxing a little and blogging.

Next I'm going to hear Tierny on the future Delphi support for ASP.NET 2.0. After that we'll have an arcade party, with games to play, food, and more. Sounds nice.

Tomorrow I'll have my talk on patterns, but I've also been asked (by so many people) to give my Fun Side of Delphi talk, and David I found a hole in the program for it. So I have two talks to prepare (one unexpected), bringing the total to 5, BOF included. Exhausting, by nice.