September 10, 2012

Blog Restored

After a few days offline, the blog is back. Sorry for the issue.

After a few days offline, the blog is back. It happened that there was a scheduled shutdown in the web farm, and when the computer got back up the VmWare server (with Linux host) with the virtual machine hosting the blog started misbehaving. After some tribulation, I decided to install VmWare on my Windows server, and move the existing vm on it. However, the configuration of the software running the blog had a hardcoded IP address, so by changing the machine IP, I had to reconfigure it (easy once I found out). 

Anyway, everything should be back up as normal, although the URL now refers to a different IP, that of the new server. Sorry for the issue and let me hope the new solution will be a bit more stable.




Maintenance free blogging through Blogger 

I don't regret moving my blog to Blogger.
Zero maintenance, and you can set up a pretty fancy 
layout, schedule posts, etc.  You can embed content 
through RSS and JSON - and even pull content from Google 
Drive (aka Docs). You also get great analytics. 
Comment by Lars Fosdal [] on September 10, 13:33

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