April 4, 2011

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview

Today David I of Embarcadero published the first public preview video of Delphi 64 bit, showing 8 byte pointers, VCL integration, and database integration. It is coming for real!

Today David I of Embarcadero published the first public preview video of Delphi 64 bit, showing 8 byte pointers, VCL integration, and database integration. It is coming for real! You can find the preview at  http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/64-bit .

Key points of the video:

  • Integer, LongInt and Cardinal types will remain 32 bit
  • Int64 will remain 64 bit
  • NativeInt, NativeUint will be different depending on the platform
  • Pointers will depend on the platform, of course!
  • Support for the 64 bit address space
  • Every project will (possibly) have multiple target platform (see image below)

Embarcadero (on the site above) is accepting request as beta testers of the 64 bit compiler, apparently giving precedence to delphi XE registered users. But I'm not sure about the details. In any case, it is very good  to know that the long promised Delphi 64 bit native compiler is now close to being a real product.




Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

"precedence to delphi XE registered users."
I don't like this! A person or company who has been a 
Borland/Code Gear/Embarcadero customer for years, who 
has not decided to upgrade to Delphi XE, is not 
eligible. Someone who is a first time customer and 
has bought the first version of Delphi (XE)...is 
eligible.  Embarcadero has gone crazy with their 
pricing scheme/maintence scheme, and now this crap?
Comment by Shane on April 5, 01:20

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 


  I really disagree. I think Embarcadero is not creating 
new technology for the sake of it, but for selling it. 
So making a special offer for users who are on XE does 
make sense. Of course, there are pitfalls as they might 
miss people who bought any other version but the last 
one, but I know a few vocal Delphi developer ready to 
ask Embarcadero for more and more... and still on Delphi 
7. Also, as I understand it, announcing 64 bit might 
stop sales (I'll just wait for the new version) while 
this move might help a bit.
Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on April 5, 05:35

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

@Shane: And I think they prefer users that can focus on 
testing 64bit. When you come from Delphi 7 you might be 
tempted to waste all your beta-testing-time with al the 
new IDE and language features that XE users are already 
used to :-) 
Comment by Birger Jansen [http://www.cnoc.nl] on April 5, 06:45

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Well, if one has XE and no 64 bit OS is he elegible? 
<G>! We didn't upgrade to XE because we saw very 
little gains over 2010 and we are eagerly waiting for 
64 bit. We have almost all our desktops and servers 
running on 64 bit OSes, from Vista to 7, from 2003 to 
2008 R2. I guess a beta should be used to improve and 
make more appealing the new product, not to sell the 
old one. Of course we are not going to buy XE just 
for the beta, and we won't buy ASAP the 64 bit 
version if we are not able to test it before, we will 
be forced to delay it until we are sure it fits our 
needs - and that's the last chance Delphi has to stay 
with us, pressure to change are always high.
IMHO the marketing department at BorCodeDero is 
always the same, totally unable to sell its products 
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on April 5, 07:19

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

It's great that they finally got that new compiler out 
after all those years. Hope this will be a smashing 
success for Embarcadero so that they can take care 
Mac/Linux too. I'm mostly using Python/C++/C#/ObjC 
nowadays but I really would like to get back to Delphi.

Comment by fritz on April 5, 07:47

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Great news, great news!
Comment by Delfi Phan on April 5, 08:49

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

...I think we're making a mountain out of as molehill.

They just say XE registered users have PRIORITY. I'm
sure D2010 users are in with a chance.

However, D2007 users (and lower) won't be familiar
with the many new compiler and language features and
as such are less likely to be as valuable as a beta
Comment by Delfi Phan on April 5, 09:06

video – Delphi 64-bit Compiler and 64-bit VCL in action 

I've also covered the announcement, highlighting the IDE 
smooth integration and the video demonstrations performed 
by David I.: 

Now just wait to see the "Target Platforms" populated 
with Mac OS/X, Linux ... and ARM (in XE2, XE3... ) ;)

What's important (after all the wait and FUD) is to 
notice that Embarcadero's keeping the promises, aligning 
the announcement with the Delphi & C++Builder roadmap 
I can definitely see a brighter Delphi future under 
Embarcadero !
Comment by Dev{eloper} Stonez [http://devstonez.wordpress.com] on April 5, 10:06

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Applying to the beta can definitly make sense to 
prepare a 64bit shift. I think input from such a 
situation can be valuable. 

I would not invest my time to get to know the new IDE 
this way ... I personally do Prism Beta Testing ... 
as it takes some time to provide valuable input ... 
coming now form D7 assuming all the best intentions 
will not make things better. At least my opinion.

Comment by Michael Thuma on April 5, 10:33

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Yes, very good news.

As per a few of the other comments, we are on an 
older release (D2007) as we had no need to move until 
64 bit was delivered. I don't blame them for running 
the public beta the way they are doing though i.e. XE 
takes precedence. 

We are extremely desperate for 64 bit , 
coincidentally just today getting more pressure from 
our partners to deliver extra address space. If we 
feel it necessary, we'll spend a few hundred dollars 
and upgrade a D2007 license in order to get 
preference for the beta programme. If you are that 
desperate for 64 bit and to get ahead of the curve, 
it will be worth it for you too.

Let's focus on the good news, at least just this 
Comment by Paul T on April 5, 12:45

Delphi 64-bit Compiler Sneak Preview by Radek Cervinka (delphi.cz) 

Additional, relevant information (extracted from video 
demonstration) on Radek Cervinka' blog (delphi.cz) 
http://bit.ly/fhBGVr (english) 
Comment by Dev{eloper} Stonez [http://devstonez.wordpress.com] on April 5, 13:07

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

I have to agree with the decision to involve the XE 
folks first.  I'm a RAD 2007 user and I realize I need 
one of Marco's books or a deep dive to take advantage of 
the new features in XE.  I'd be swimming in XE 64 
without some idea of where to look so the Beta would be 
a bit of a waste on me.

I'm also looking forward to seeing other platforms 
listed in the target environments.  I've done a lot of 
development in many languages and platforms but Delphi 
is by far my favourite.

While we're at it, let's go for iPhone, Android, WP7 and 
BlackBerry support while we're at it.  ;-0
Comment by Doug Filteau [http://www.littlemountain.com] on April 5, 14:34

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Nobody did mention about the "clue" of vendorlibosx 
(minute 8:25 aprox)...

I can't believe it was unintended hehe but is certainly 

Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [http://salvador.oversistemas.com] on April 7, 05:30

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

A GOOD news for developers who believed in Delphi!!!

pippo only for Delphi.....

Comment by pippo [] on April 7, 10:23

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Salvador, could you explain what you are talking
about, for those of us that do not have access to
online video?
Comment by Delfi Phan on April 7, 12:53

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

...oh, vendorlibosx, as in OS X

OK. I'm a bit slow today...
Comment by Delfi Phan on April 7, 12:55

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

Yeah!! :D
Comment by Salvador Gomez Retamoza [http://salvador.oversistemas.com] on April 7, 19:11

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

> Now just wait to see the "Target Platforms" populated 
> with Mac OS/X, Linux ... and ARM (in XE2, XE3... ) ;)

If you can't access this preview, then you can just
try Free Pascal and get 64bit plus OSX, Linux and ARM
today. :-) 
Comment by Joseph on April 18, 01:46

Delphi 64-bit Sneak Preview 

 Yes, the preview is not only 64 bit but also X - in
this case OSX - platform. See Tim's blog.
Comment by Thaddy [http://thaddy.com] on April 24, 04:11

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