Here is some further information and links related with the recent Update 2 release of Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio Berlin 10.1.

More official info

- The official press release can be found at

- The specific page of the web site with update 2 info is (a bit hidden) at

- The blog post by Stephen includes all release videos: see

The Special Offer

If you haven't updated to 10.1 Berlin and are not on Update Subscription, there is a special offer until the end of November to celebrate the release: 10% off Professional, 15% off Enterprise and 20% off Architect. Read about this and other active offers at

Issues, Workarounds, Etc

- Issue with winapifamily.h (for C++Builder) explained at

- Deferring of C++ Rename Refactoring covered at

- Startup problems and fixes by Daniele at

And A Nice Tweet

A nice tweet I saw. Well, we call it CodeInsight, but the fix around static arrays causing trouble was done and well received: