August 29, 2007

1.75 Million Delphi Developers

Micheal Swindell gives official figures of the size of the Delphi community.

As already reported by Chris Bensen in his blog, Micheal Swindell has reported some official figures of the size of the Delphi community. Over in the non.technical newsgroup (open his message dated 17 Aug, 20:46), CodeGear Product Manager shared numbers based on official surveys (and not on the internal company sales and registration data, which is a well-kept secret):

Delphi has a developer population of approx 1.75 million users worldwide in 2006. Delphi has 15% IDE marketshare overall (7.7% ranked out of 100%) and is the #2 Windows IDE and the #4 IDE overall.

There isn't much to add... If I could only sell a new book to one in a hundred, that will be 17 thousand copies!



1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

 Their recent income numbers suggest that this number 
is the total number of licenses sold/shipped/given 
away since D1.

After all, if you know about what a copy costs and 
how much they made, the rest is math, and let's face 
it 1.75 million is a LONG, LONG way from where the 
numbers point.

I don't think you'd like where 1 in 100 leaves you 
Comment by C Johnson on August 29, 20:06

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

 That's 1,750,001 because they never counted me.
Comment by John on August 29, 20:20

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

 It could be true, because a lot of developers work on
old versions. For example, our company still use
Delphi 5 and I know folks who stick with Delphi 4.
Comment by Andrei on August 30, 11:47

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

I guess that number includes an estimate of those who 
never bought a licensed copy ;)
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on August 30, 12:40

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

I have about 6 or 7 of the books you wrote Marco and 
they are very good.Pitty there isn't a 'Mastering 
2007' but it's probably impossible writing a book for 
every delphi that comes out :)

I really do hope you would consider doing something 
(book or pdf wise)on Delphi 4 PHP, i think a lot of 
the people who have it would love to see that, i know 
i would...
Comment by Franky [] on August 30, 23:32

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

It's hard to find your books in Indonesia..
There are many Delphi developers here.

I thinks it will be great if your books available in
some cities here. Thanks.
Comment by ebta [] on September 6, 04:13

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

I feel the figure is a hype. 

There will be many developers like me who own and use
free versions. I personally own Delphi 6 Personal
Edition. I have yet to develop a software on it though.
So one can say that there are users like me also who
keep in touch with Delphi but do not use it in
commercial work at all. 

I have been trying out all the Delphi versions but am
still not satisfied with any as far as stability is
concerned. I use an old PC a 800 MHz PIII with 128 MB
RAM and D6PE works like a zippy but all other versions
are toooooo resource hungry and work like the slot (an
animal found in Amazon forest).

The reason why I am not using Delphi for commercial
work is that still after all these years when ever I
get stuck up it takes a hell lot of time solve a
problem which I would solve in VB almost instantly
because of lack of good literature specially prepared
for lammer like me.
Comment by Yogi Yang [] on September 14, 14:34

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

 If true then it seems odd that there are so few books
on recent versions of Delphi. May be even fewer in the
future because CodeGear ruined the help system. Very
difficult to find what you need in the help file and
very few books to search for help so one often gets
stuck. What a shame.
Comment by Jim R on September 17, 04:37

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

I couldn't say more with the current documentation
aspects of Delphi lately. I enjoyed reading manuals
for D5 and D7. But, ever since we started moving to
Delphi studio, it seemed to me that Borland/Codegear
became out   of touch with the developers. The
documentation that came along with their new releases
is very bad!!! To think that not much books are
written about Delphi (comparing with other tools). 

It is true that they packaged a lot of cool features
in Delphi but still CodeGear needs to explain it.
Explain it better! And lately, I have been seeing
praises about the new book about ECO (i forgot the
author from CodeGreat) but CodeGear site allows you
only to purchase it if you are leaving in the
US/Canada. Why is that? I am willing to pay for the
shipping charges, guys!!! CodeGear's other offices in
APAC do not sell it as if there are no developers of
Delphi in APAC.

Where I came from, there are not many developers of
Delphi. In fact, CodeGear should thank me:) As head of
software development team from my current company
(almost 10 years now), all of my developers came from
VB and they started learning Delphi (and OOP) because
I told them that Delphi is better than VB. And, they
all agreed (at least while they are in front of me). I
am not sure though if the numbers included me and my
developers. I doubt it:)
Comment by Jimar on September 17, 13:02

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

Many people have been telling me of droping D and go 
to VC++ but I have never liked C++ syntax. After I 
have learned PHP it's easy to go for C# with is part 
of Delphi 2005 and newer. 

Today I don't care to much about syntax, my dream is 
to make Delphi IDE standart in all software 
companies, because I'm trying to get MS certified and 
I'm upset that IDE of Visual Studio .NET is 
so "primitive" in comparision with Delphi IDE

Microsoft still like this "lame type" of right click 
commmand. Example - switching beetwin source code and 
Form designer - in Delphi simply F12 while in VS 
right click in solution explorer --> view code (with 
is slooooooow)

I hope that I can find a job in company with uses 
Delphi for .Net programming
I can use Delphi or C# syntax, Delphi IDE or 
C#Builder IDE, but the most important thig is 
Borland - they know what their are doing

For me Borland forever - Delphi rulez
Comment by SKIRON [] on November 28, 06:43

1.75 Million Delphi Developers 

 i am afraid that the delphi future is pure....
i am still working in delphi 6 from delphi 1 but i 
thing that the hours of delphi are closed to end..
i have see vs 2008 but is very ancomfortable to 
switch now at 42 years  (age) ...i dont know what can 
i do
Comment by elias on March 16, 21:49

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