ITDevCon 2011 Summary

Last week ITDevCon conference was very nice, as usual.

Delphi XE2 Update 2

Delphi XE2 Update 2 (and the first Help Update) have been released. Here are a few notes and comments, since this update is slightly different from others in the past.

FireMonkey WhitePaper and Videos

After announcing my webinar for November 15th, Embarcadero has created a landing page with the white paper download and 3 introductory videos.

Picking Cities for Delphi Developer Days 2012

We are trying to finalize cities and dates for the 2012 edition of Delphi Developer Days, the training event I organize with Cary Jensen.

FireMonkey Webinar Next Week

Just a short reminder about my webinar on the 15th, next week.

Delphi and My MacMini

A short description of the configuration I use to do Mac OSX development from Delphi.

Using the PragmataPro Font in Delphi

I've been using the PragmataPro font in Delphi recently and I really like it a lot! Which font do you use in your editor?

FireMonkey Webinar QA

Embarcadero has published the transcript of the question and answer sessions at the end of the webinars I did last week. Here are some notable entries.

FireMonkey Webinar Replay

The replay of the video of my FireMonkey webinar is now available.

Windows 8: Redo or Business as Usual?

Interesting debate on Dr. Dobb's: Redo your development or keep going with your current code?

Mobile jQuery Client for Delphi REST Server

During a session last Friday I built a mobile JavaScript client (based on jQuery Mobile) which runs on both Android and iPhone and connects with a Delphi XE2 DataSnap REST Application.