Tweets and Retweets #21

Google+, AppWave, waiting for a new computer and for Windows 8 information... and much more, as usual.

I Think I Like Google Plus

After playing a few days with Google Plus I think I like it. No idea if it will succeed, of course.

Delphi Relax Status Update, July 2011

I've realized I haven't blogged in quite some time about the current evolution of the Delphi Relax project, an open source extension to Delphi XE DataSnap REST architecture I'm working on.

Micheal Dell, Can You Fix This?

Had a big issue with a Dell order, wrote to Michael... and it was fixed!

Tweets and Retweets #22

Rumors and little news about the coming version of Delphi, more Google+ tweets, new hardware I bought (a Mac Mini and a high-end Dell). But not much, as I've been quite busy.