Delphi Tech Tip 01: TCast.GetAs

A very technical Delphi tip, possibly the first of a series. How to perform an as cast only if the reference is not nil.

Tweets and Retweets #14

A set of totally unrelated posts, from Agile to Fonts design, from TED link to the coming Delphi Developer Days Europe.

Delphi Tech Tip 02: Retuning Derived Type

A second tech tip... unveiling why I suggested the first one. How to change the return type of a function in a derived class.

Tweets and Retweets #15

First week of DDD 2011 in Europe, which is showing off in many tweets, but also Microsoft Buying Skype, and many other assorted topics.

Microsoft, Skype, and Delphi

As you certainly know Microsoft last week announced the acquisition of Skype, one of the largest of the company history. An analysis from the developer's point of view, considering that the Skype for Windows is written in Delphi.

Italian Delphi Day 2011 on June 9th

The tenth edition of the most popular Italian Delphi Developers gathering is taking place in Piacenza, my home town, preceded by a day of seminars. Signup now.

Tweets and Retweets #16

With Delphi Developer Days 2011 done, I'm now focused on an Italian event (Delphi Day) in June, plus many assorted news (Mono, VB6, Dante...)

Tweets and Retweets #17

Busy week for me, but there are tweets about Skype and our coming Italian Delphi Day.

Added Twitter Follow Button to my Blog

Having seen this option on Twitter, I've added an official follow button on my site. Preview is nice, but slow.

Delphi REST Clients Repository Opening With Amazon S3

Today, I'm officially opening my "Delphi REST Clients" SVN repository (hosted on code.marcocantu.com) with a rather complete class for working with Amazon S3, Simple Storage Service.