Delphi Relax: Architecture and Strategy

Delphi Relax is an extension of Delphi XE DataSnap REST Application architecture, with a particular focus on supporting jQuery for the browser user interface.

Tweets and Retweets #2

Another week of tweets and retweets, highlighted in a single blog post. Including a short sequence on the problems with Flash on Android.

Embarcadero, KSDev, and Next Generation Frameworks

Embarcadero buys KSdev to work on "next generation frameworks". Quite interesting, I have to say.

UnbeliEvable MeMory FailurEs

Over the last few days I program I was working on has been showing very inconsistent and almost nonsense errors. But finding the cause was very hard, and things really took an unexpected turn.

Tweets and Retweets #3

Another weekly round of tweets covering phone OSes, the coming Delphi Developer Days event, a free Delphi event in Italy, and more.

16 Years Ago in San Francisco

16 Years ago today, Delphi was officially launched in San Francisco, California, not far from its actual birthplace!

Razor-Like Script in Delphi Relax

This post to introduce the Razor-like support, part of the Delphi Relax project, and available online (source and documentation).

Tweets and Retweets #4

Another more or less weekly collection of Twitter posts of myself and of interesting posts I retweeted.

Delphi Relax Data Access Layer

One of the core elements of the Delphi REST extension project I'm working on (Relax) is its data access architecture, based on a few standard patterns.

jqGrid in Relax

I've posted another unit of Delphi Relax, with jqGrid support, added a specific demo and updated the documentation.

Relax Newsgroup and New Units

I've opened a newsgroup for the Delphi Relax project, as communicating over blog comments or code review is not enough. Also, I've posted a few updates and many new units, mostly undocumented.

Tweets and Retweets #5

Another week of Twitter, may take this to a twice-a-week schedule, as twitter search doesn't really go much backwards...