Updated Office UI Licensing

The Office UI (or Ribbon User interface) is controlled by a "license" based on the idea, not any actual code.

Silverlight 5... for Windows?

Scott Guthrie unveiled some of the features coming in Silverlight 5 and it seems the technology is becoming more tied to the Windows platform than to the web and the cross-platform world it was originally targeting.

Pascal Programming for Schools

Recently I found a very nice site focused on promoting Pascal language to schools and providing resources for teachers.

Guest Post: "…Parenthetically, Oracle XE Breaks DBX" by Keith Tolbert

This is a guest post by Keith Tolbert on using Oracle XE with dbExpress. I'm always happy to host practical advice form Delphi developers (particularly if they don't have a blog of their own).

Delphi Developer Days 2011 Announced

Cary Jensen and myself are officially announcing Delphi Developer Days 2011 in US and Europe: cities, hotels, dates, and the content. Very early bird discount if booked right now.

Video and Comments on Microsoft C++

A blog reader posted an interesting comment referring to a video praising C++ of Ale Contenti, Principal Development Manager with the Windows C++ team at Microsoft.

Digital Story of Nativity

You've probably already seen this video, which is very nice from multiple points of views. Yes, times are changing.

JavaScript Christmas Tree

To underline the point that JavaScript is really growing (along with HTML5) and going to change a few things, I wanted to point out to this cute JavaScript Christmas Tree, by Roman Cortes.

Great Kinect and Delphi Demo (by Aleks)

You might have already seen this very nice demo of a Delphi application interacting with your body position via the new Microsoft Kinect controller, hooked to a Windows PC.

My Year in Cities, 2010

Like I did over the last four years, this is a list of cities I've been to in 2010.