Good luck, Danny, and thanks for all the fish...

Danny Thorpe has left Borland some time ago, but the information became public today on the newsgroups. It's time to thank him and wish him good luck at Google.

Allen Recaps, plus Frappr on Delphi

A very interesting post by Allen Bauer, plus a link to a map of the Delphi world.

Delphi Components I Use

I don't use many Delphi components and third party libraries, but here is my list anyway.

.NET and Robustness

In .NET security is a top concern, but apparently application robustness is not.

BorCon Screen Videos

I failed to mention that the screen captures taken during my presentations at last month's Borland Developers Conference are online... along with many others.

Apache and "Deflating" this Blog Site

I've been experimenting with gzip compression of the HTML of this and other web sites... a very powerful technique for SOAP and XML processing, but also for any Web site (and a good browser).

2006 Wishes

Looking to the year ahead... hoping it will be a good one.