GetIt is the new XE8 package manager for RAD Studio. Information about how to submit your libraries to GetIt has just been made available by Embarcadero.

The idea behind GetIt is really to make is easier and faster to discover, install, and keep updated some of the best open source libraries for Delphi and C++Builder. The main form of GetIt lets you browse or search for a library, and with one click (plus a second to accept the license) you can get the component installed and ready to use.

You can find more information at, while some technical information is in the help at

What's new is the set of "acceptance guidelines" for submitting libraries to GetIt, something Embarcadero is encouraging. While the process is still manual (and it will get automated) you can read the article to see if your library is within the requirements, which if it is an actively maintained library adding value to the product is likely the case. In the article you can also find the download with the information needed for an actual submission. The link is:

Beside the initial "TurboPack" group of libraries and a couple of internal add-ons, we already got a couple of submissions, including ICS and OmniThread. A couple of others are being added right now. Let's add many more...