As you know Skype for Windows is written in Delphi (and if you want a further prove, keep reading). Since Skype is likely the most well-known Delphi application and the most used worldwide (with hundreds of millions of downloads), it is obvious that Delphi developers are fond of it, even despite the recent acquisition by Microsoft. Some people though the deal could have forced the Skype client to be rewritten in another programming language.

However  the Job description posted yesterday for a developer based in UK, for working on the Skype for Windows client, dispel the worries and might also be a good opportunity for some of you. Here are some key elements (reported in case this is later removed):

  • "The Skype for Windows product is Skype's flagship product, with millions of users around the world. We are expanding our team and looking for talented developers who have a passion for developing user interfaces and being on the leading edge of technology"
  • Requires "strong knowledge and substantial commercial working experience with Delphi 2007 / Delphi 2010"

Of course, you can find more reading the full description at Image below for future memory.