November 11, 2005

BorCon, Thursday

The last day of the Borland Conference was not full of surprises, but the Spirit of Delphi Award was issued...

Last day of the Conference. Yesterday evening, after I sent my post, there was an arcade night, with lots of videogames, pool tables, and much much more. It was actually quite fun. The lack of full volume music (as in past years) even allowed people to speak.

Today the conference program was full of sessions and I gave two, on patterns and on the fun side of delphi. Both times the room was packed and attendees seemed to enjoy (and laugh a lot for the fun side). I was even lucky enough to generate a "catastrophic failure" during the demo. I attended a talk by Ramesh (Borland R&D, database side) on multiier in .NET; but missed his BDP talk, as I was speaking myself.

The only general session was the closing cerimony, with lots of goodies given to lucky attendees who turned in their "borland bucks". Actually there was a gift for everyone: the DVD with a preview of Delphi 2006. This made many people very happy.

In the closing session there was also time for John Kaster to show some of the new features of BDN and the integration of the Quality Central client in the actual IDE. But there was also the announcement of the 2006 Spirit of Delphi Award, which was given to Pierre la Riche for his work on FastMM. If you remember, I suggested this in my blog some time ago. Well deserved. That's all for the conference, I guess I'll blog again next week as I get home.



BorCon, Thursday 

Congratulations Pierre ;-)

It is well deserved. FastMM4 has really done a 
difference in the Delphi commuity.

Best regards

PS. Thanks Marco for nominating Pierre (and Dennis ;-
Comment by Dennis Christensen on November 11, 14:51

BorCon, Thursday 


I enjoyed both your session on patterns and the fun 
side.  While I plan to use your patterns more then 
the fun stuff, I was interested in the code samples 
to demonstrate a few things for the gang that didn't 
get to attend.  But the examples on your website 
seem a bit dated and I could not find all of the 
demos you showed.

Thanks again 

Comment by Gordon Niessen on November 11, 18:30

Spirit of Delphi 

Well done to Pierre. I emailed him after seeing your
blog entry, only to find that nobody had told him he'd
been awarded it...!
Comment by Roddy Pratt on November 11, 18:45

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