Second day at the Borland Conference. Right now I'm sitting in Danny Thorpe's Debugging Tricks tutorial. Very interesting mix of intermediate and advanced topics, mixed with lots of debugging horror stories and jokes. Danny has a huge experience at the low-level of Delphi, having worked on some of the stuff himself! Very nice talk (with still 2 hours to go).

This morning I went to an interesting (but not great) presentation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) issues. Didn't really help me clarify my doubts, but the subject matter is so vast and vague that the speaker is certainly excused!

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with one of my editors , hope to figure out something about future books (will let you know what's not "secret"). BTW, someone asked about the attendees, I'd say that today there are about 150 people attending. But the conference itself won't start until tomorrow and many more people will show up.

In the next few days I'll try to blog a little more often, to keep you updated. In the morning, the CEO will kick off the conference and Danny and Allen will discuss new features of Delphi 2006. Later, I'll be at the AJAX BOF I'm moderating (I spend a couple of hours writing a demo in the morning, will show it). My afternoon plans are still shaky. Stay tuned for a detailed report.